VIMA MODEL AWARDS 2016 is pleased to announce that Regalo Fashion will be sponsoring the VIMA MODEL OF THE YEAR awards category.

VIMA Model Awards was conceived with the main objective of seeking individuals beyond just looks and glamour – models who are smart, fun loving, strong minded, independent and confident.It’s the game changing model awards where age,height, skin colour, size is not a major factor!


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The sponsorship includes 3 Hoops Watches for the Top 3 winners and also sponsorship of the 3 crystal awards.

Quote from Regalo Fashion:

“As a company that advocates diversity, equality and respect, we are proud to sponsor the VIMA Model of The Year award. We believe that the winners of these categories are symbols of the modern women and epitomizes strength and resolve in the face of the current adversities that women all around the world have to face. We are proud to associate Hoops Watches with these great women who we believe will serve as great ambassadors, not just for Hoops and Regalo, but for every woman through the great work that they have done and will continue to do in the future.”


Regalo Fashion is a fashion distribution house which was established in 2016. What started as a passion for watches, turned into a full fledged craving for ‘out of this world’ fashion products. Their aim is to offer customers, the highest quality of watches and fashion accessories and they will not have to break the bank to own any of it.

“Our customers are our priority and we strive to provide them with the best, always.”

Regalo Fashion are the Exclusive Distributors of;

1. HOOPS Watches & Accessories (Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei)
2. Elliot Havok Watches & Accessories (Malaysia)

HOOPS Watches Italia

HOOPS is a high-end, international watch brand that is making waves around the world in places such as Japan, Sweden, Spain, Denmark, France, The United Kingdom, Italy & Greece.

HOOPS watches are identified by its unique look which captures a never-ending colorfulness; having elements of elegance, classic jewel-like, clean cut features while still remaining young and cool.

One of the outstanding characteristic of all HOOPS watches is their milky glass cover; a cloudy glass which makes HOOPS watches so special and different from any other watch you’ve seen up until today.

HOOPS watches are available with an attractive and fair price to allow everyone to enjoy the experience of owning a HOOPS watch.

All HOOPS watches come with a 2-year warranty and they are all water proof (3ATM).

HOOPS is the fastest selling watch brand in Italy and are now aiming to spread their brand of fresh and funky designs to Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, through its exclusive partners, Regalo Fashion.

The 3 sponsored HOOPS watches for the winners are:







Elliot Havok

Elliot Havok watches is the brainchild of 23-year-old California based, Steven Elliot Ng. He has launched 10 successful projects on Kickstarter, crowdfunding over $1.5 million since 2012.

The birth of Havok watches began on November 30, 2015. It reached its $10,000 goal in less than an hour. Steven ended that campaign with over $320,000 in crowdfunding.

We at Regalo Fashion are glad to be the exclusive distributors of Havok watches, here in Malaysia.

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Official Announcement: Narayana Tea Stall Sponsors Best Indian/Punjabi Song


Narayana Tea Stall,a unique restaurant that bridges the old with the new, took an unprecedented leap into the world of music by sponsoring the Best Indian/Punjabi Song category. The restaurant recently launched its first outlet in Uptown Avenue Seremban 2 

Narayana Tea Stall is something very close to our hearts. It has that authentic feel about it, some might even term it as a nostalgic charm. Our aim is to bring people together from different walks of life through a tapestry of fun, laughter, moments, good food and drinks.

And now we wish to explore our platform to become a place for musicians, art, fashion, events and also various forms of merchandising to bring a different experience for our wonderfully supportive customers and friends.

The local music scene has certainly grown by leaps and bounds and over the past few years we have noticed many local musicians are now the producers or singers on many famous movie soundtracks. Narayana Tea Stall is proud to be associated with the VIMA platform to help recognize all these amazing talents“, shared Sobana Krishnan, CEO and co-owner of Narayana Tea Stall.



Husband and wife team : Sobana (right) and Ravee (left)

The VIMA INDIAN/PUNJABI song category has been one of the most followed and voted categories over the years with many prominent musicians winning and nominated such as Goldkartz, Rabbit Mac, Sheezay, Rubba Bend, Roshan Jamrock, Young Ruff, Raj Pirate, Arvinder Raina,Havoc Brothers, Lady Kash (Singapore), Shruthi, Thyviya, Thiban, Shane Extreme, and many more. VIMA MUSIC AWARDS is one of the world’s biggest music awards recognition platform and has been around since its inception in 2008. Some of the biggest local musicians such as Yuna, Joe Flizzow, Altimet, Bizhu, Poova, Alex Subryn, Prema Yin, Poetic Ammo, Hujan, Bunk Face and many more have all won on this stage.

See Past winners of the awards here

This year’s Best Indian/Punjabi Song Nominees and Public Votes


“We will be hosting the winners of this category to a special lunch in Seremban where we will present the awards to the winners next month. We are also currently in talks with several musicians to carry their albums and CD’s for sale at Narayana Tea Stall. We also hope to organize many interesting activities and events to engage the community to be part of and to foster friendship” , added Sobana.

Narayana Tea Stall has also been in the limelight recently for pulling off unique promos and hosting celebrities at its restaurant.The interior decor is lined with various colorful quotes and paintings of sports stars, movie and music celebrities and famous characters.

It recently hosted the finalists of the VIMA Model Awards 2016 to a special lunch.


Also do check out the funny and twisted take on superheroes via their pre-launch promos.

All 7 parts about The Adventures of Kelawarman and The Narayana Tea Stall case can be found here 

Currently the restaurant has many signature dishes that are in demand such as their breakfast sets, mutton curry, chicken varuvel, Briyani sets, thali lunch and of course, the Narayana Tea!

Narayana Tea Stall is open every day from 9am to 9pm. It’s closed on every Wednesdays.

The address : No.201, Jalan S2 B14, Uptown Avenue, Seremban 2, Seremban.

Tel : 06-6030831  (


DJ Sally (left) and DJ LUQE (right) visited Narayana Tea Stall and gave the food a thumbs up! 

Thanks to Narayana Tea Stall for the Privilege Card, and now every time we go there we have a discount. You can ask staff how to get the card. As well, they have variety of the finest Indian cuisine, delicious meals that really made our Saturday. Make sure to dine in there when you are around the area.” – DJ Sally (Uzbekistan) and DJ LUQE.

SKOWT Sponsors VIMA Best Rock Song Category

Skowt Interface - Music player.png.jpg

Skowt, a platform that focuses on unsigned artists worldwide to provide them an avenue to showcase their talent, have stepped up to sponsor the VIMA BEST ROCK SONG category.

Facebook :

It is one of the most exciting and fiercely contested categories in VIMA over the years, and SKOWT is primed to tap into this very database of regional acts to take them to the next level in their music careers.

Check out the VIMA BEST ROCK SONG nominees and public votes:

BEST ROCK SONG public votes


Quote from SKOWT :

“SKOWT was founded to support and showcase unsigned music artist globally.  SKOWT connects artist with the 3 main audiences – streaming music fans, A&R/Licensing managers and event management companies.

 The platform is highly interactive and the SKOWT chart continually evolves, based on the frequency of streamed track plays. This core feature shows all fans which artists are most popular, and it helps A&R/Licensing Managers, event management and media platform owners identify and connect with the most talented, popular artists.

 SKOWT understands how competitive the music industry is, and how expensive it is for an up and coming artist to establish themselves, so we not only created a platform that was free for the artist to use but also took the decision to absorb all the cost of promoting the artists on our platform globally.

 VIMA, being the world’s biggest talent recognition platform instinctively felt right as a partner to collaborate with. We believe that by working closely with VIMA, we will be able to amplify the talent of artists in Malaysia and the wider South East Asia region, to ensure that they get the recognition they deserve in our quest to help the artists achieve their goals and dreams!”

Quote from VIMA Founder, Siva Zaphod Chandran

“In the past we have worked with some of the biggest independent and music talent platforms in the world, and it’s truly exciting to see the direction in which SKOWT is now embarking on to take unsigned artists to a whole new level. What’s really grabbed our attention is the music charts that they will be generating as well as how they will act as the bridge between unsigned artists and the major labels.

We cant wait to see the full edition of their app very soon as well as the further features from SKOWT to provide a very sleek and valuable platform that will create larger audiences and publicity for unsigned musicians. There are already hundreds of musicians already up on the platform and we encourage all musicians to quickly register on SKOWT to leverage off their platform.”

Sign up now to enjoy a whole new world of possibilities

Website :



You Tube:



Sam Systematic Seelan Honoured with The VIMA Awakening Award


VIMA MUSIC AWARDS 2016 is pleased to  announce the first of our 2 recipients for the VIMA Awakening Award 2016.

Congratulations to Sam Systematic Seelan!

This is an award that is very close to our hearts as it recognizes musicians who go out of their way to contribute or make a difference in society or the community that they come from.

He joins other famous names who have been honoured with the same recognition in the past such as Melissa Indot, Altimet, Rithan and Lady Kash & Krissy (Singapore).


Sam’s PARADISE Street Project to help the homeless, is something that not everyone would venture into. It meant rolling up his sleeves and walking the talk. His idea was to rally close friends and family to help with food distribution to the homeless.

In his effort to help, he also documented some of the footage into Facebook videos to create a wider pool of awareness.Also he took it one step further by writing a song PARADISE and submitted it to VIMA which garnered 2 VIMA nominations

In his own words:

“The project is called ‘ PARADISE ” to the streets.

Homeless and people disconnected from their family members.

This is what i had in my mind, when i wrote PARADISE.
The song is about the people who end up in the street , not because they want it , but mostly, due to their circumstances.

All i want to highlight is , it may not be their mistake for ending up in the streets.

1. We should stop being judgmental when we see any homeless and beggars in the streets . Because most of us are.
We at times, tend to ignore or pretend whenever there is a homeless person sitting nearby.
2. Give some. At least the loose change we carry in our pockets. We don’t necessarily have to give money. We also can just sit and have a chat with them. Share a cigarette ( optional) and you can offer to get a meal for him/her. I have spoken to many homeless people lately. It’s a very interesting the stories they shared with me . Mostly about , what was their profession and lifestyle. Some even, admit, they were solely responsible for their actions. Such as, gambling / alcohol / overspending / job security,family issues and etc .

3. For this project, i managed to get my fellow musicians to be part of it as well. I have collected a decent sum from my fellow musicians , friends & relatives. This amount will be handed to over to an NGO . The NGO will be using this fund for the monthly food distribution to the homeless and people on the streets around KL .
4. This will be an on-going project which i will be involved with personally.
5. The idea behind this project is to create an awareness about , how serious homelessness is. How we can prevent from someone ( Our father/ Mother/ Brother or sister or friend ) from being homeless.

To share what we have extra to those who may need it more than us.

6. For me , making music has to be something that is very relevant with a positive impact. Even, when i was with Beat The System , the title track ” PENIPUAN BERWARIS’ ( Best Tip Off Song from South East Asia) & ” SHINE” ( Song Of The Year & Best collaboration Award) were positively driven songs.

Hence, i want to keep doing music that speaks to our society and people.


7. I invite everyone to watch a few videos of homeless people which i made during my meeting session with them.I have posted it up onto my Facebook. These are real people who have lost their homes , family , friends and some even all. They agreed to have their stories shared with the rest of the world. Please feel free to watch it.

8. There will be a continuation to PARADISE . I am in the middle of putting together ideas for another song. I look forward to views and ideas from the public if you would like to be part of it too.

1st Video about Mr Raman, a guy who was abandon by his family.

2nd & 3rd Video about Mr Micheal. A diabetes patience and currently living in the streets.

4th Video is about this person who lives on the streets because he choose to do so. He says, he rather prefer to live in the streets because of the trust he lost towards his family. Yet, until now no one comes to look for him.





Lyia Meta14

Sometimes all you need is a voice.

Vocals so distinct, powerful, that reverbs with so much emotional energy which doesn’t need any audio trickery nor overshadowed by music instruments to convey a song.

That’s Lyia Meta.

It’s been a long time since we have been truly excited about a female singer as we are with her larger than life presence be it on stage or booming over our speakers and headphones.

And now she has taken a step further in her career as well as firmly establishing herself as a force to be reckoned with by winning the VIMA BEST OVERALL FEMALE ACT award.

1. Congratulations on winning the VIMA BEST OVERALL FEMALE ACT AWARD. How do you feel about being bestowed the highest honor for VIMA?

“I didn’t expect to get nominated so to win is pretty much like winning a music lottery. It’s good to be recognized for the work you do.”

2. Who are your key influence to your style of music and genre?

“I grew up listening to everything from Black Sabbath, Rolling Stones to Elvis and almost everything else in between. What I did not get a chance to listen to when I was a kid I made up for once I made the stage my life”

3. What are you currently working on and what can your fans expect from you in the near future?
“I am currently in the studio working out a single. The framework’s ironed out… Yeah, I’m looking forward to getting that out.”

4. If you had a chance to perform with any musician in the world, who would it be and why?

“I’d love to perform with Eric Clapton. He needs no introduction and I’ll be surprised if I’m not struck mute in his presence.”

5. What are your thoughts about the current music scene and what can be done to make things better?

“There’s so many factors that contribute to the state of the current music scene. From piracy, to people less willing to pay for music, to our radio stations being ‘selective’ to the choices the make. The music scene has changed so very much since I started. There’s so many good acts out there but we need heroes, giants. We need to be louder than the business of music. We stifle creativity and originality when we start to equate it with the dollar signs. I can’t help hearing the Don Maclean’s song American Pie in my head..” the day the music died.”

Exclusive Interview with VIMA Winners SOG


Back in 2013, SOG (Sekumpulan Orang Gila) grabbed their first VIMA award when they easily over-powered their way to the Best College Act title.

Now its only taken them 3 years to land the highest honour of VIMA MUSIC AWARDS by being named one of the 4 acts to win the coveted VIMA Thank You For
Existing Award, set aside for the most innovative and creative act among all the nominees.

What sets them apart from other rock acts is their ability to merge and infuse other elements and styles to generate their own freestyle genre that’s infectious, hard and melodic all at the same time.

The band provided some answers to a quick set of interview questions we put forth recently.

1. Congratulations on winning the VIMA THANK YOU FOR EXISTING AWARD. How do you feel about being bestowed the highest honor for VIMA?

Thank you! Actually we didn’t expect to receive the highest honor for VIMA. Of course we are elated to win such a thing. With this kind of recognition, we are absolutely gonna strive harder in creating music and to share it with the world.


2. Who are your key influence to your style of music and genre?
P.Ramlee, M.Nasir and some international acts like Issues, Bring Me The Horizon & Underoath.

3. What are you currently working on and what can your fans expect from you in the near future?
We are currently working on our upcoming brand new album. To be released this November 9th.

4. If you had a chance to perform with any musician in the world, who would it be and why?
Linkin Park. They’re the biggest modern rock band in the world!

5. What are your thoughts about the current music scene and what can be done to make things better?

Our current music scene is full of negative vibes. These kind of dangerous vibes eventually will impair the creativity level of our local talents. We have to unite, stand strong together in order to make things better. Our music scene needs a revolution.

Exclusive Interview With VIMA Winner Jumero


There’s something about Jumero..

We felt it the moment we began to unfold song after song that was submitted for VIMA. They were just different. It’s as if they were from a different time zone and planet completely, bold enough to bring back the raw, stripped, melodic sounds from a time when music just felt so good to listen to. And its rewarded them by being honored with the VIMA Thank You For Existing Award together with Roshan Jamrock, SOG and bittymacbeth from Singapore.The Thank You for Existing award is given away annually to the most creative and innovative acts of VIMA.

Think Jason Mraz meets Jamiroquai!

Get to know the guys through this exclusive interview with VIMA.

1. Congratulations on winning the VIMA THANK YOU FOR EXISTING AWARD. How do you feel about being bestowed the highest honor for VIMA?

Wow, Just Wow. Seeing and knowing some of all the amazing acts that took part in this year’s VIMA Awards, it definitely came as a huge surprise to all of us when we first saw the announcement. It was one of those moments where we had to rub our eyes again to make sure we weren’t seeing wrongly! Haha. We really are so honored and grateful to be one of the four acts that received this award.

2. Who are your key influence to your style of music and genre?

There are so many, but just to name a few at the top of our heads we can say: Jamiroquai, John Butler, Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Robin Thicke, Donovan Frankenreiter, The Foals, Allen Stone, Ben Howard, Jason Mraz and the list can keep on going.
As a band though, we have always wanted to have our own unique/signature sound. So throughout our years as Jumero, we would always make it a point not to over listen to just one particular act, in fear of imitating their sound too closely. But yeah, those previously mentioned acts have definitely influenced our sound as Jumero.


3. What are you currently working on and what can your fans expect from you in the near future?

New songs and possibly a music video! We’re also contemplating a number of collaborations with other local and international bands, but nothing confirmed just yet. We’ll be sure to update our fans on our social media.


4. If you had a chance to perform with any musician in the world, who would it be and why?

Such a hard question. But at the moment, if we had to choose, John Mayer and John Butler are definitely on top of the list we reckon. Allen Stone and Ben Howard as well. We all love their music and song writing style. To be able to perform with them would be crazy legit.

5. What are your thoughts about the current music scene and what can be done to make things better?

Small, but growing rapidly! During the few years or so that Jumero has been around, we have already seen so many new bands form that it’s almost hard to keep track! Which is a good thing. The growth of bands will only result in more healthy competition as well as a growth in the market for live music appreciation. In return, hopefully more venues, events and festivals will sprout up to cater to all these up-and-coming bands both locally and internationally. We feel that a fixed touring circuit that runs both locally and internationally (even if just around the South East Asian Countries) can greatly benefit the music scene in Malaysia. Our local musicians will get to watch and learn from other regional and international bands and vice versa. Foreign bands can travel here and us to them. Maybe soon we can have a “Student Exchange program”.. Except for bands. That is the best way to learn as musicians and gain exposure.

Connect With Jumero