Mandolin Sponsors VIMA Song of The Year Award


It’s the final award to be given out, and it’s been a long time coming.

Mandolin, who recently sponsored the VIMA Best Colloboration Award, has also graciously stepped forward to sponsor the highly anticipated VIMA Song of The Year award.

Lionel Charles Pereira of Mandolin shared:

“Mandolin is pleased to sponsor both the VIMA Best Collaboration and Song Of The Year award as it’s our way of supporting the local music scene.

We are honored that Mandolin will be associated in recognizing and presenting this esteemed song award, and we hope that this in turn will spearhead more musicians to strive towards songs of quality and of international standards.

We are also excited to be partnering with VIMA soon to showcase young, up and coming acts to perform at Mandolin. We intend to create a special platform that will allow our patrons to enjoy the most happening local music during weekdays and to help elevate the scene”

Visit Mandolin’s FB page here


The Song of The Year Award will be determined by a fresh set of voting of which 50% will come from global judges and 50% from a public polls that will run on the VIMA Official Facebook page from March 21st until March 27th, 2017.

1. Jagat – Lawrence Soosai
2. Rain – Endleaves
3. Bintang – Ze Rebelle
4. When you turn me on – Tamara (Australia/Malaysia)
5. Terimakasih – Salammusik
6. Ini Baru Lawa – Lawalah Familia
7. The Boss – Roshan Jamrock feat Alex Subryn,Ramon (Blister), Precious Michael & Sho D Beat

8. Blind Love – Jumero
9. Tu Hi Dilruba – Adithya Srinivasan (Singapore)
10. All I Want For Christmas Is You (Mariah Carey Cover) – An Honest Mistake featuring Daiyan Trisha, Roshan Jamrock of K-Town Clan , Nick Davis, Raja Nazrin from SOG,
Diandra Arjunaidi, Jon Liddell, So I’m Jenn, Shawn Lee
& Julz Savard from Save Me Hollywood (Philippines)
11. Human – Karmal (featuring Vandal & Songstress)
12. C.O.A – Roshan Jamrock & Adam Lobo (feat Dasha Logan)
13. Lost – GTXperiment



From left : Shawn (SKOWT), Vincent, Kurenai, Jay and Alvin (Music Asia)

Singapore, 24 February 2017

Hard Rock band, Vivienne’s Verdict from Singapore, was presented with their VIMA-SKOWT Bronze Crystal award at a VIMA microawards ceremony held at Hood Bar and Cafe yesterday.

Shawn Ng from SKOWT presented the award to band members Vincent Lee (guitarist), Kurenai (vocalist) and Jay Kwek (guitarist).

The band, formed in 2009, was originally conceived as a covers band, but moved forward ambitiously to release their debut EP “Depiction” from which they submitted all 5 songs as entries for consideration at the VIMA Music Award 2016.

More info about the band can be found here :


Vivienne’s Verdict shared :

“We wish to thank VIMA and SKOWT for this amazing recognition and dedication to push local music further. We feel incredibly honoured and humbled to be part of this event. We would like to thank all our fans, friends and family who have been constantly supportive throughout our music journey. We will continue to strive and work hard on all of our future material.

Also do check us out on our social media pages as we are releasing our new single titled ‘Hurricane’ in March!”


Instagram   :
Twitter         :


Jheeva from SKOWT shared:

“We are proud to once again be partnering with VIMA in recognising independent music artists globally.

Vivienne’s Verdict is a great example of a hugely talented independent artist with amazing potential and drive. We at SKOWT would like to congratulate them on this award and will be doing our best to help showcase their talent.

Join us at and help us discover how incredibly talented some of these artists truly are!”

SKOWT is a platform that focuses on unsigned artist worldwide giving them an opportunity to showcase their talent.The platform is open to artist from any background, genre, language or country. The only requirement is that the artist registering to use the platform has to be independent from any record labels. The unsigned artist uploads their biography and their songs that they wish to showcase.


VIMA (which stands for Voice International Music Awards) is considered the most important and anticipated music award in South-east Asia, and the 2016 edition, opened up submissions to musicians from Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. The award has become a benchmark for many awards platform across the globe and often acts as a launch pad for music acts tipped to be the next big thing. Some of the past winners include Yuna, Altimet, The Great Spy Experiment (Singapore), Joe Flizzow, Project E.A.R (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia), Prema Yin, K-Town Clan, Ze Rebelle, Sasi The Don, Alex Subryn, An Honest Mistake, Inch Chua (Singapore), Feez Madea (Brunei), Electrico (Singapore), Pop Shuvit, Melissa Indot and many more.

The award platform is unique for allowing submissions from bedroom DJs, college acts, concert performances and even demo versions. It also champions singles rather than albums and recognizes songs of all languages in all genres including electronica,hip-hop,metal,pop,dance,rock and mash-ups/remixes.

Asal Salikhova wins the VIMA-CHANGE STARTS WITH ME Award


Asal Salikhova, the DJ-Model from Uzbekistan, and VIMA Model Awards finalist has been bestowed the VIMA-CHANGE STARTS WITH ME AWARD.

Asal becomes the first recipient of this new award title (previously known as the VIMA AWAKENING AWARD), which recognizes individuals who have unconditionally worked towards a cause or initiated and led a charitable project.

The award, sponsored by CHANGE STARTS WITH ME, a global youth empowerment and transformation platform, is recognizing Asal for her incredible and tireless fund raising efforts that was done for her friend, Alice, who was battling breast cancer.


In her own words

” It started in 2014 when my pregnant manager, Alice, who became my good friend/sister, found out she had breast cancer. The first thing i did i was I created a Facebook page which we called Fight For Alice, in an effort to create awareness to let people know we might needed funds for Alice to undergo the operation.

I created 3 different events to raise funds. Within 2 weeks of the shocking news about Alice, i organized my first ever charity event for her , which included  live music band and fashion show. It was truly challenging because I had to do everything on my own. The good news was many people came forth and donated.

The second event which I organized together with Alice’s best friend, we did a combined fund raising for Alice and also for a baby girl named Alice also, who needed a brain operation within few month, and the family didn’t had funds. This time event was bigger. Local stars and bands and an auction.

The third event was organized by me after few months. I took this to a whole different level, organized in a hotel ballroom with a lot of international and famous people. We had live music, a fashion show, free food, arts and craft bazaar.

In total, for the 3 events combined and more we gathered about USD50,000 for Alice. 


Of course this was all done with a help of my friends and also Alice’s family and colleagues.

But this love and care for this person made me do all this, her family was in shock but i reacted faster and i knew something had to be done quickly. I just couldnt bear to watch her suffer. And when i started doing all charity events, the ironic thing was I had never in my life ever done or been part of a charity event.

My friend left us in December 2015, but she is always in our hearts and I miss her so much.

Asal will be presented with her Change Starts With Me Award soon, together with award winning musician Sam Systematic Seelan (for his amazing work bringing food to homeless people) and another musician that will be announced next week.

Watch the Change Starts With Me Video



Change Starts With Me is a Life Changing Transformation platform.

Facebook :

It’s about connecting. It’s about creating. It’s about inner change that will bring about amazing changes to one’s external world.

It begins with you. You, can make a difference. In your life and in the life of others.

Change Starts With Me is a customized self-discovery and self-development program to suit the needs of Malaysian youths and consequently coach and guide them towards greater life achievements.

And it’s going to get very interesting in the coming months as a life changing program called DREAMS OF DESTINY will be launched via “Live” seminars across 10 states in Malaysia. It will also be a convergence of social media platforms, online videos and digital/e-books to reach out to a sizeable youth audience.

Dreams of Destiny (DOD) is a powerful personal leadership and empowerment program for all level of individuals incorporating the latest breakthrough in human modification psychology and cutting-edge management and personal transformation tools.

It is specifically designed to enable individuals transform their mind-set and collective behaviors while undergoing personal success and life transformation. It provides participants the self-belief, confidence, direction and the drive to achieve greatness and success in life.

Both Change Starts With Me and Dreams of Destiny programs are developed by RRC Worldwide Sdn. Bhd. (RRC) has been at the forefront of community engagement and has developed a world-class mindset transformation programs that have proven highly effective in developing and empowering youth leaders who are community focused.




VIMA MUSIC AWARDS 2016 is pleased to announce that Regalo Fashion will be sponsoring the VIMA BEST OVERALL FEMALE ACT awards category.

The early winners of this category, announced on the 3rd of August were:

1st Place   – Lyia Meta
2nd place – bittymacbeth (Singapore)
3rd place  – Kirstie Maximus

This is the second awards platform under VIMA that Regalo Fashion has come aboard after announcing their sponsorship of the  VIMA MODEL OF THE YEAR award.


Quote by Regalo Fashion;

The founders of Regalo were raised by strong women and that is why this particular category is special to us. The Best Female Act award does not only validate the talent that these incredible women possess, but it is also proof that anything a man can do , a woman can do too. We believe that the three winners of this category will go on to set the standard for Asia’s female acts and we are proud to associate Regalo and Hoops with them.

We would like to dedicate this sponsorship to our mothers, whom are the two individuals who showed us that women are a force to be reckoned with, and these 3 winners truly affirms that lesson.”

On the left side of a strong woman, stands a strong man; he is strengthened by her character – Ellen J. Barrier ‘

Online store    :

ADV 2566L-RG.jpg

Regalo Fashion is a fashion distribution house which was established in 2016. What started as a passion for watches, turned into a full fledged craving for ‘out of this world’ fashion products. Their aim is to offer customers, the highest quality of watches and fashion accessories and they will not have to break the bank to own any of it.

“Our customers are our priority and we strive to provide them with the best, always.”

Regalo Fashion are the Exclusive Distributors of;

1. HOOPS Watches & Accessories (Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei)
2. Elliot Havok Watches & Accessories (Malaysia)

HOOPS Watches Italia

HOOPS is a high-end, international watch brand that is making waves around the world in places such as Japan, Sweden, Spain, Denmark, France, The United Kingdom, Italy & Greece.

HOOPS watches are identified by its unique look which captures a never-ending colorfulness; having elements of elegance, classic jewel-like, clean cut features while still remaining young and cool.

One of the outstanding characteristic of all HOOPS watches is their milky glass cover; a cloudy glass which makes HOOPS watches so special and different from any other watch you’ve seen up until today.


HOOPS watches are available with an attractive and fair price to allow everyone to enjoy the experience of owning a HOOPS watch.

All HOOPS watches come with a 2-year warranty and they are all water proof (3ATM).

HOOPS is the fastest selling watch brand in Italy and are now aiming to spread their brand of fresh and funky designs to Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei, through its exclusive partners, Regalo Fashion.

The 3 sponsored HOOPS watches for the winners are:

Lyia Meta wins the HOOPS Jolie Gold series watch

bittymacbeth wins the HOOPS ICON Stars series watch

Kirstie Maximus wins the HOOPS Cherie Noir series watch

Elliot Havok

Elliot Havok watches is the brainchild of 23-year-old California based, Steven Elliot Ng. He has launched 10 successful projects on Kickstarter, crowdfunding over $1.5 million since 2012.

The birth of Havok watches began on November 30, 2015. It reached its $10,000 goal in less than an hour. Steven ended that campaign with over $320,000 in crowdfunding.

Regalo Fashion are the exclusive distributors of Havok watches, here in Malaysia.

Online Links
online store:

SKOWT Sponsors VIMA Best Rock Song Category

Skowt Interface - Music player.png.jpg

Skowt, a platform that focuses on unsigned artists worldwide to provide them an avenue to showcase their talent, have stepped up to sponsor the VIMA BEST ROCK SONG category.

Facebook :

It is one of the most exciting and fiercely contested categories in VIMA over the years, and SKOWT is primed to tap into this very database of regional acts to take them to the next level in their music careers.

Check out the VIMA BEST ROCK SONG nominees and public votes:

BEST ROCK SONG public votes


Quote from SKOWT :

“SKOWT was founded to support and showcase unsigned music artist globally.  SKOWT connects artist with the 3 main audiences – streaming music fans, A&R/Licensing managers and event management companies.

 The platform is highly interactive and the SKOWT chart continually evolves, based on the frequency of streamed track plays. This core feature shows all fans which artists are most popular, and it helps A&R/Licensing Managers, event management and media platform owners identify and connect with the most talented, popular artists.

 SKOWT understands how competitive the music industry is, and how expensive it is for an up and coming artist to establish themselves, so we not only created a platform that was free for the artist to use but also took the decision to absorb all the cost of promoting the artists on our platform globally.

 VIMA, being the world’s biggest talent recognition platform instinctively felt right as a partner to collaborate with. We believe that by working closely with VIMA, we will be able to amplify the talent of artists in Malaysia and the wider South East Asia region, to ensure that they get the recognition they deserve in our quest to help the artists achieve their goals and dreams!”

Quote from VIMA Founder, Siva Zaphod Chandran

“In the past we have worked with some of the biggest independent and music talent platforms in the world, and it’s truly exciting to see the direction in which SKOWT is now embarking on to take unsigned artists to a whole new level. What’s really grabbed our attention is the music charts that they will be generating as well as how they will act as the bridge between unsigned artists and the major labels.

We cant wait to see the full edition of their app very soon as well as the further features from SKOWT to provide a very sleek and valuable platform that will create larger audiences and publicity for unsigned musicians. There are already hundreds of musicians already up on the platform and we encourage all musicians to quickly register on SKOWT to leverage off their platform.”

Sign up now to enjoy a whole new world of possibilities

Website :



You Tube:



Sam Systematic Seelan Honoured with The VIMA Awakening Award


VIMA MUSIC AWARDS 2016 is pleased to  announce the first of our 2 recipients for the VIMA Awakening Award 2016.

Congratulations to Sam Systematic Seelan!

This is an award that is very close to our hearts as it recognizes musicians who go out of their way to contribute or make a difference in society or the community that they come from.

He joins other famous names who have been honoured with the same recognition in the past such as Melissa Indot, Altimet, Rithan and Lady Kash & Krissy (Singapore).


Sam’s PARADISE Street Project to help the homeless, is something that not everyone would venture into. It meant rolling up his sleeves and walking the talk. His idea was to rally close friends and family to help with food distribution to the homeless.

In his effort to help, he also documented some of the footage into Facebook videos to create a wider pool of awareness.Also he took it one step further by writing a song PARADISE and submitted it to VIMA which garnered 2 VIMA nominations

In his own words:

“The project is called ‘ PARADISE ” to the streets.

Homeless and people disconnected from their family members.

This is what i had in my mind, when i wrote PARADISE.
The song is about the people who end up in the street , not because they want it , but mostly, due to their circumstances.

All i want to highlight is , it may not be their mistake for ending up in the streets.

1. We should stop being judgmental when we see any homeless and beggars in the streets . Because most of us are.
We at times, tend to ignore or pretend whenever there is a homeless person sitting nearby.
2. Give some. At least the loose change we carry in our pockets. We don’t necessarily have to give money. We also can just sit and have a chat with them. Share a cigarette ( optional) and you can offer to get a meal for him/her. I have spoken to many homeless people lately. It’s a very interesting the stories they shared with me . Mostly about , what was their profession and lifestyle. Some even, admit, they were solely responsible for their actions. Such as, gambling / alcohol / overspending / job security,family issues and etc .

3. For this project, i managed to get my fellow musicians to be part of it as well. I have collected a decent sum from my fellow musicians , friends & relatives. This amount will be handed to over to an NGO . The NGO will be using this fund for the monthly food distribution to the homeless and people on the streets around KL .
4. This will be an on-going project which i will be involved with personally.
5. The idea behind this project is to create an awareness about , how serious homelessness is. How we can prevent from someone ( Our father/ Mother/ Brother or sister or friend ) from being homeless.

To share what we have extra to those who may need it more than us.

6. For me , making music has to be something that is very relevant with a positive impact. Even, when i was with Beat The System , the title track ” PENIPUAN BERWARIS’ ( Best Tip Off Song from South East Asia) & ” SHINE” ( Song Of The Year & Best collaboration Award) were positively driven songs.

Hence, i want to keep doing music that speaks to our society and people.


7. I invite everyone to watch a few videos of homeless people which i made during my meeting session with them.I have posted it up onto my Facebook. These are real people who have lost their homes , family , friends and some even all. They agreed to have their stories shared with the rest of the world. Please feel free to watch it.

8. There will be a continuation to PARADISE . I am in the middle of putting together ideas for another song. I look forward to views and ideas from the public if you would like to be part of it too.

1st Video about Mr Raman, a guy who was abandon by his family.

2nd & 3rd Video about Mr Micheal. A diabetes patience and currently living in the streets.

4th Video is about this person who lives on the streets because he choose to do so. He says, he rather prefer to live in the streets because of the trust he lost towards his family. Yet, until now no one comes to look for him.





Lyia Meta14

Sometimes all you need is a voice.

Vocals so distinct, powerful, that reverbs with so much emotional energy which doesn’t need any audio trickery nor overshadowed by music instruments to convey a song.

That’s Lyia Meta.

It’s been a long time since we have been truly excited about a female singer as we are with her larger than life presence be it on stage or booming over our speakers and headphones.

And now she has taken a step further in her career as well as firmly establishing herself as a force to be reckoned with by winning the VIMA BEST OVERALL FEMALE ACT award.

1. Congratulations on winning the VIMA BEST OVERALL FEMALE ACT AWARD. How do you feel about being bestowed the highest honor for VIMA?

“I didn’t expect to get nominated so to win is pretty much like winning a music lottery. It’s good to be recognized for the work you do.”

2. Who are your key influence to your style of music and genre?

“I grew up listening to everything from Black Sabbath, Rolling Stones to Elvis and almost everything else in between. What I did not get a chance to listen to when I was a kid I made up for once I made the stage my life”

3. What are you currently working on and what can your fans expect from you in the near future?
“I am currently in the studio working out a single. The framework’s ironed out… Yeah, I’m looking forward to getting that out.”

4. If you had a chance to perform with any musician in the world, who would it be and why?

“I’d love to perform with Eric Clapton. He needs no introduction and I’ll be surprised if I’m not struck mute in his presence.”

5. What are your thoughts about the current music scene and what can be done to make things better?

“There’s so many factors that contribute to the state of the current music scene. From piracy, to people less willing to pay for music, to our radio stations being ‘selective’ to the choices the make. The music scene has changed so very much since I started. There’s so many good acts out there but we need heroes, giants. We need to be louder than the business of music. We stifle creativity and originality when we start to equate it with the dollar signs. I can’t help hearing the Don Maclean’s song American Pie in my head..” the day the music died.”

Exclusive Interview with VIMA Winner Roshan Jamrock!


We are pleased to announce that Roshan Jamrock is VIMA MUSIC AWARDS 2016’s recipient on the Thank You For Existing Award. It’s the highest honor VIMA bestows upon nominees annually for being the act who is the most innovative and creative in their style and delivery of their songs.

Roshan is no stranger to VIMA, having scooped several awards in the past as being part of K-Town Clan and also  Gila Monstarz with Young Ruff. On his own he has also won the VIMA Producer of The Year award and is now the only act in VIMA history to win the Thank You For Existing award twice!

Roshan’ s recent reaction to his VIMA win :

“Woke up in India to such amazing news. Thank you VIMA for this award. This is the 2ND time I’ve had the honour of being awarded the “Thank you for existing” award. This and winning “Best Producer Award” back in 2013 is the cherry on the cake. I’m humbled and grateful for this acknowledgement. Thank you to VIMA and all those who have supported my music career. All glory to God for without him I am nothing. 1love and God bless. See you at the VIMA’s” – Roshan Jamrock

It speaks volumes of an artiste who constantly strives to break new grounds in music and has often been challenged by the VIMA team to constantly experiment and bend genres as much as possible.

Roshan is also a Malaysian Youth Ambassador and put Malaysia on the global map when he made it into the To 50 shortlisted /Timbaland + Lenovo Music competition.

Here is his exclusive interview with VIMA after his win:

1. Congratulations on winning the VIMA THANK YOU FOR EXISTING AWARD. How do you feel about being bestowed the highest honor for VIMA?
To get an award for the most creative and innovative approach and style of songs and compositions is amazing!!! Those guidelines are what I always try and stick to when i produce new music. Our motto has always been “Be Different”. Im am grateful and humbled to receive this award. I must give credit to my mentor and best friend, Jesus Christ for being by my side in this walk of life. Rejoice always, pray continually, give thanks in ALL CIRCUMSTANCES, for this is Gods will for you in Christ Jesus. 
2. Who are your key influence to your style of music and genre?
 My parents for exposing me to classic evergreen music from The Eagles, Queen, Lynard Skynard, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Johnny Winters, Eric Clapton, Bee Gees, CCR and hundreds more. My cousins for introducing me to Snoop Dogg, Snow, NWA, 2Live Crew, 69 Boyz and so on.
My brothers & friends who i grew up with bumping to the sounds of Bone Thugs & Harmony, Cypress Hill, Poetic Ammo, Too Phat, Tupac, DMX, Timbaland, Nelly, Ludacris, Pitbull (The Old Pitbull), Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz, Yin Yang Twinz, Petey Pablo and so on. My JBC connect who exposed me to Nas, Chino XL, Canibus, Immortal Tech, Tech N9ne, Jedi Mind Tricks etc. Basically those around me are my key influences. I have no specific genre, like Bruce Lee said, be like water, water can take any form 😉
3. What are you currently working on and what can your fans expect from you in the near future?
I recently wrote and recorded 2 songs for “The King Of Asia”, Rajinikanth’s movie, KABALI. I was also appointed to produce and remake 4 out of 5 songs from that movie in Malay. Im working on a few things overseas at the moment which i cant really discuss about since ive signed some papers. But what i can say is that K-town Clan’s 2nd album “Crunk Cowboys & The Moonshine Music” is coming out real soon. I also run a studio along with a business partner in TTDI called ROCSHO MUSIC, add us up on facebook. Oh, and i design premium Tee’s under my brand Rocaliente. Take note that i get the clothes done overseas and I’m not just using a fancy word like “Premium”. The material is like no other in  the country and no matter how many times you chuck it in the washing machine, it maintains its shape and quality. Next batch comes out mid August. 
4. If you had a chance to perform with any musician in the world, who would it be and why?
If i were to get someone to produce my song it would be a combination Timbaland & Diplo. Performance wise, Damian Marley 🙂
5. What are your thoughts about the current music scene and what can be done to make things better?
Current local music scene is filled with so much talent. If you want to pursue music, you have to take this seriously. Just as serious as someone who is studying to become a doctor, engineer, lawyer etc. This is a serious job so you have to give it 110%. And dont complain if things dont go your way, just persevere and push harder. There will be good and bad times no doubt. Take pride in what you do and do it well and eventually things will fall into place. And Always always always, stay humble. Also to the people who say you support malaysian music, act on it. Dont just say it and ask for a selfie! Buy their work or at least help spread the word about Malaysian arts. A little goes a long way. 1love. Big Lion Kingdom, Roshan Jamrock. 

Roshan Jamrock with his VIMA awards in 2013 together with members from his group K-Town Clan



Official voting will be done at the Official VIMA MUSIC AWARDS Facebook Page.
Please visit to vote.

1 “Like” equals 1 vote.

This page serves only to showcase the songs and music videos of the nominees and is NOT for voting purpose.

40% of the overall scores will be gathered from the number of votes (likes) on the VIMA MUSIC AWARDS Facebook page. 50% more of the overall scores will be from Global judges and 10% will come from social media engagement and promos by the nominees.



(Universiti Sains Malaysia)

Live performance (in Asia’s Got Talent):

(IUMW – International University of Malaya-Wales)

Manipal International University

Islamic University Malaysia IIUM

University Brunei Darussalam (UBD)

Taylor’s University

Sunway University

WILL BAKER : Multi-Platinum Grammy Award nominated Producer/Songwriter Joins VIMA as Judge.

Willie “Bum Bum” Baker is a Multi-Platinum Grammy Award nominated Producer/Songwriter/Entrepreneur.

With a Billboard Hot 100 #1 single “Lately” for 9 weeks and several charting songs, Willie was named by Billboard as one of rock era’s best songwriters.

He has written for and produced acts: Boyz II Men, India Arie, P!NK, Blaque, Divine, Destiny Child, Keri Hilson and Menudo. L.A. Reid (Sony/Epic) signed Willie as a songwriter in 1997 to 2005.

He then went on to run HENDU/Universal Records as an A&R, and VP of Op./Publishing, Marketing as well as secured management by Johnny Wright (Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, Britney Spears, Jonas Brothers. Willie has scored several feature films and television programs (The Way Back Home, Fantastic Four, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, We Were Soldiers and Elektra).

It’s just fantastic that someone with Willie’s expertise has come forth to help lend his wealth of music wisdom to our awards platform. We are looking forward to working closely with Willie on his evaluation of the region’s top music acts and his feedback on how we can elevate the scene” shared Siva Zaphod Chandran , founder of VIMA MUSIC AWARDS.

VIMA MUSIC AWARDS 2016 is open for submission to musicians from Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei and the closing date is March 31st, 2016.

In addition to his work in the music industry, Willie’s talents doesn’t end there. He has produced content for TV network MTV. Willie Baker has signed a contract to create virtual reality shows and content with Next Galaxy Media Corporation as well as join the team of techs in creating NGMCs CEEK platform virtual headphones.


Willie is co-owner of new record label Delab Music which has signed newcomers Maeta Hall and D Kullus

Willie also speaks at events to educate corporate structures and colleges on the elements of the Music Business such as: how to effectively secure, maintain and stay competitive in the Entertainment Industry.


– Named #83 by Billboard as one of rock eras best songwriters
– NARAS/LARAS voting member/Board Member for Florida Chapter
– Television Soundtracks (Disney, Nickelodean, Universal, Fox)
– Produced television content for various networks
– Developed and discovered many recording artist, put on showcases for Major Label Execs.


battle of the acts


VIMA & LAUNDRY are teaming up to bring you the BATTLE OF THE ACTS and we are now open to submissions from today until 12th of May.

Stand a chance to be one of 4 acts that will be selected to perform in front of an audience of more than 1000 people at the VIMA MUSIC&MODEL AWARDS in July.

It’s FREE and all you have to do is just email us a link of your performance or talent at and if we like it, we will invite you to then come battle it out on
May 28th at Laundry@theCurve from 7pm to 11pm.

It’s pretty damn exciting to watch a rapper go up against a rocker, or a bellydancer face off against a beatboxer..the audience and judges will decide and its one helluva thrill ride.

So send in your clip today and you could be the next big thing in region. Your performance will also be sent to global talent scouts to be considered for international exposure!


**Latest Update: Event Page on Facebook**





Stuart has had landmark successes included creating Zomba acts Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears and *NSYNC as multi million selling stars in Asia Pacific, and breaking acts such as Damage and Fun Factory.

An excerpt from his upcoming book Every Picture has its Story, illustrates what a colourful and eventful life he has led:

“During a 40 year career the author has met and travelled with some of the biggest names in music. He witnessed Michael Jackson’s first UK performance in The Jackson 5 and was the first person to hear Bohemian Rhapsody when Freddie Mercury played it to him, on piano, in his London apartment.

In the 80’s he was nearly shot trying to protect Gary Moore’s contract, was introduced to Bob Dylan by friend Tom Petty and, more recently, hosted press conferences for Kim Wilde , Britney Spears and The Backstreet Boys. Watson was in Hong Kong when it reverted to the Chinese and in East Berlin when The Wall fell. Hanging out with The Eagles in the early 70’s before they became a force, entertaining Lynyrd Skynyrd on the group’s first UK visit (later dealing with an awkward problem following Ronnie’s tragic death) and accompanying Paul McCartney and Wings on its first tour. His stories of Rock ‘n Roll mayhem on Guns ‘n Roses and Deep Purple tours make the mind boggle.

He picked up a bill for GBP 5,000 at a London night club after damage caused by Phil Lynott. From Led Zeppelin to BB King and from The Marquee Club with Yes, to Tokyo’s 50,000 seater Budokan with Bobby Brown, where Whitney Houston threw him out of the dressing room for trying to persuade her husband not to cancel his European tour, he has seen it all.

Every Picture has its Story provides you with a rare opportunity for an insider’s view.”

On VIMA, Stuart Watson shares the following :

‘In today’s very different world of music it has become much harder for new talent to break through traditional outlets. Music companies and the media have changed dramatically and promotion methods are no longer straightforward. I fully endorse the concept of the VIMA Awards and especially the opportunity the organisation provides for new raw talent to be recognised. I am proud to be a judge of the 2016 Awards, and to be able to offer my own input on what has become a very important annual event”


Stuart Watson Snapshot:

As a direct result of his love for live music, Stuart Watson enjoyed a forty year career in the music business. This was never planned. Having attended all the big festivals in the late 60’s, he started organising his own events at London University establishing Royal Holloway College as an integral part of the UK’s live music circuit. The agent who helped him accomplish this went on to join EMI, where the two of them changed the face of artist promotion forever.

In recognition of his marketing skills, Watson progressed through the ranks of Harvest and MCA Records’ management, becoming the youngest Managing Director in the history of the UK record industry. He then took charge of MCA internationally and, working closely with British and American acts (some of which he signed himself) helped guide the company to new heights.

A passion for and knowledge of Asia’s emerging markets led to the set up of SWAT – his own Singapore based consultancy – in the mid 90’s where he represented three of the industry’s biggest artists. Their huge success triggered his return to the frontline as MD of the Zomba International Record Group – the world’s largest independent music company.


VIMA (which stands for Voice International Music Awards) is considered the most important and anticipated music award in South-east Asia, and for this year’s edition, the music recognition platform will open up to submissions from Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. The award has become a benchmark for many awards platform across the globe and often acts as a launch pad for music acts tipped to be the next big thing. Some of the past winners include Yuna, Altimet, The Great Spy Experiment (Singapore), Joe Flizzow, Shigga Shay (Singapore), Project E.A.R (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia), Thaitanium (Thailand), Up Dharma Down (Philipines), K-Town Clan, Homogenic (Indonesia), Alex Subryn (Malaysia), An Honest Mistake, Inch Chua (Singapore), Feez Madea (Brunei), Electrico (Singapore), Pop Shuvit, Junkyard Groove and FuzzCulture (India) and many more.

“We started the vision 8 years ago when we helped struggling musicians in Malaysia carve a name in the industry. We felt there wasn’t a proper media or platform that was a true voice for independent acts and we came forward to find a way to recognize and support talented musicians. We pulled together as many media partners into the equation, to join us in elevating the local music scene and it has worked wonders for the careers of many musicians.

“It’s been a long and challenging journey to get here, but we’re ecstatic that all the pieces of the puzzle have produced such a phenomenal music platform. I guess we’re unique and credible because of the amount of our own time, money and resources we have invested unconditionally in helping musicians over the years. We have always stayed neutral in the music scene and that has also, help grow our reputation in the market. It’s amazing to see after so many years, the regional music scene is still alive and kicking with a stream of new acts continuously churning out great music ” said Siva Zaphod Chandran, founder of VIMA Music Awards and VIMA Model Awards.

The award platform is unique for allowing submissions from bedroom DJs, college acts, concert performances and even demo versions. It also champions singles rather than albums and recognizes songs of all languages in all genres including electronica,hip-hop,metal,pop,dance,rock and mash-ups/remixes.