VIMA Model Of The Year Microawards Presentation


All winners : (From Left : Asal, Samira, Joanna, Elyssa)

VIMA Model Awards recently announced the main winners of the Model Of The Year Award at a microawards ceremony hosted by In Colonial@Intermark Ampang.

Facebook LIVE Video of Winnners speech:

The VIMA MODEL OF THE YEAR award was presented to  Samira Siadatan of Iran, with Elyssa Choy and Joanna Joseph coming in as 1st Runner Up and 2nd Runner up respectively.


In attendance were the organizers and sponsors of the Model Awards platform

Regalo Fashion : Julian Fernandez & Ravinder Singh
Lakaran Alam : Suhaimi Sulaiman, Managing Director
Change Starts With Me : Rohn Rajan & Kanagam Ramanujam
In Colonial : Liz Wong
Organizers : Rekha Menon, Nancy and Siva “Zaphod” Chandran

Samira won a VIMA crystal award and a HOOPS Jolie Gold series watch sponsored by  Regalo Fashion as well as a Personal Branding & Spokesperson training by Suhaimi Sulaiman.

First Runner-up  Elyssa Angelica Choy received a VIMA Crystal Award and HOOPS ICON Flowers Series watch from Regalo Fashion
2nd Runner-up  Joanna Joseph received a VIMA Crystal Award and HOOPS Cherie Noir Series watch

Both models will also be able to attend the Personal Branding & Spokesperson training by Suhaimi Sulaiman.

VIMA team shared:

The whole idea behind VIMA Model Awards was to create role models beyond looks and glamour, focusing more on models who are confident, strong minded and independent. We wanted to make women aware that self respect, confidence and various skills are what adds to a beautiful personality. And we are glad to see a great deal of positive transformation in our girls. We hope that these girls can go out there to influence many other women in a similar way. And that’s what VIMA Models is all about – unfolding beautiful role models who can reach out and help transform others.”

All finalists were selected based on a process of evaluation that looked into their skills and abilities to undertake many tasks over 4 rounds in the competition including Communication, Presentation, Grooming, Intelligence, Social Media engagement, Talent and Personality.


VIMA Team with Winners (from left : Siva, Nancy, Asal, Joanna, Samira, Elyssa, Rekha)

Besides the main Model of The Year Award, two other subsidiary awards were also presented during the awards ceremony.

Regalo Fashion Presented the ICON INSPIRATION Award ( a HOOPS ICON series watch) to Joanna Joseph for her amazing transformation from a teenager bullied in school to a beauty queen and model.

Regalo Fashion shared:

Regalo Fashion are proud to have been associated with all the winners of this year’s VIMA Model of the Year Awards through our role as award sponsors. Having met the finalists personally, further strengthens our confidence that they will go on to do great things not just in their careers but in the causes that they represent. We at Regalo champion strong women having been brought up by strong women ourselves and are glad that the mantle is in good hands.

Regalo Fashion are the Exclusive Distributors of;

1. HOOPS Watches & Accessories (Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei)
2. Elliot Havok Watches & Accessories (Malaysia)

Online store    :

Another subsidiary award presented was the Change Starts With Me Award to Asal Salikhova from Uzbekistan for her amazing efforts to raise funds for the Fight For Alice Campaign.

Kanagam Ramanujam had this to share:

Congratulations to the lovely winners. Each one of them represent how dreams can become reality with a little help towards their empowerment. A gentle hand to guide them to change their attitudes, confidence levels and an to be open to the idea of new possibilities. Although this may be a ‘model’ finding project, it touched the essence of empowerment at its very core – that ‘change starts with me’.

Everyone who truly believes that ‘change starts with me’ is a role model because that is the fundamental of a positive belief system. From here, the road to excelling in whatever is undertaken will be achieved with smarts, caring and love for all! To Siva, Rekha, Nancy and their team, my heartiest congratulations to a job well done! Cheers to more such endeavors.”

VIMA Model Awards Judge ,Suhaimi Sulaiman, Managing Director of Lakaran Alam shared:

“With the exposure,  the girls can now create a new space and own the space and position themselves as influencers in that space.  They need to use the social media wisely to influence others on the cause close to their hearts which will also help their own communities.  An effective and influential spokesmodel — this is one way to sustain and prolong their “shelf life” in the industry.”

Liz Wong of In Colonial shared
“It was truly an enchanting afternoon hosting the beautiful VIMA models.  I was truly impressed with what the organizers had achieved with these girls. The organizers truly have  hearts of gold to have reached out in developing social skills among the young and talented ladies. In Colonial is honoured to have been given a chance to be a part of this awesome prize giving event.”

Find out more about In Colonial at



Sophia : FIORIS AWARD (Best Presenter & Communicator)
Face of The Year : Tshoki (Bhutan)
Vox Populi : Mary (Philippines)

Other Sponsors and supporters include

Glory Beach Resort (Round 3), Pullman Putrajaya (Round 4), Narayana Tea Stall (Meet The Models Lunch), Astro VBuzz, Laundry@The Curve, Hive Asia and Rentak Sejuta, photographers Sanjay Signature and Chandra Segaran

Asal Salikhova wins the VIMA-CHANGE STARTS WITH ME Award


Asal Salikhova, the DJ-Model from Uzbekistan, and VIMA Model Awards finalist has been bestowed the VIMA-CHANGE STARTS WITH ME AWARD.

Asal becomes the first recipient of this new award title (previously known as the VIMA AWAKENING AWARD), which recognizes individuals who have unconditionally worked towards a cause or initiated and led a charitable project.

The award, sponsored by CHANGE STARTS WITH ME, a global youth empowerment and transformation platform, is recognizing Asal for her incredible and tireless fund raising efforts that was done for her friend, Alice, who was battling breast cancer.


In her own words

” It started in 2014 when my pregnant manager, Alice, who became my good friend/sister, found out she had breast cancer. The first thing i did i was I created a Facebook page which we called Fight For Alice, in an effort to create awareness to let people know we might needed funds for Alice to undergo the operation.

I created 3 different events to raise funds. Within 2 weeks of the shocking news about Alice, i organized my first ever charity event for her , which included  live music band and fashion show. It was truly challenging because I had to do everything on my own. The good news was many people came forth and donated.

The second event which I organized together with Alice’s best friend, we did a combined fund raising for Alice and also for a baby girl named Alice also, who needed a brain operation within few month, and the family didn’t had funds. This time event was bigger. Local stars and bands and an auction.

The third event was organized by me after few months. I took this to a whole different level, organized in a hotel ballroom with a lot of international and famous people. We had live music, a fashion show, free food, arts and craft bazaar.

In total, for the 3 events combined and more we gathered about USD50,000 for Alice. 


Of course this was all done with a help of my friends and also Alice’s family and colleagues.

But this love and care for this person made me do all this, her family was in shock but i reacted faster and i knew something had to be done quickly. I just couldnt bear to watch her suffer. And when i started doing all charity events, the ironic thing was I had never in my life ever done or been part of a charity event.

My friend left us in December 2015, but she is always in our hearts and I miss her so much.

Asal will be presented with her Change Starts With Me Award soon, together with award winning musician Sam Systematic Seelan (for his amazing work bringing food to homeless people) and another musician that will be announced next week.

Watch the Change Starts With Me Video



Change Starts With Me is a Life Changing Transformation platform.

Facebook :

It’s about connecting. It’s about creating. It’s about inner change that will bring about amazing changes to one’s external world.

It begins with you. You, can make a difference. In your life and in the life of others.

Change Starts With Me is a customized self-discovery and self-development program to suit the needs of Malaysian youths and consequently coach and guide them towards greater life achievements.

And it’s going to get very interesting in the coming months as a life changing program called DREAMS OF DESTINY will be launched via “Live” seminars across 10 states in Malaysia. It will also be a convergence of social media platforms, online videos and digital/e-books to reach out to a sizeable youth audience.

Dreams of Destiny (DOD) is a powerful personal leadership and empowerment program for all level of individuals incorporating the latest breakthrough in human modification psychology and cutting-edge management and personal transformation tools.

It is specifically designed to enable individuals transform their mind-set and collective behaviors while undergoing personal success and life transformation. It provides participants the self-belief, confidence, direction and the drive to achieve greatness and success in life.

Both Change Starts With Me and Dreams of Destiny programs are developed by RRC Worldwide Sdn. Bhd. (RRC) has been at the forefront of community engagement and has developed a world-class mindset transformation programs that have proven highly effective in developing and empowering youth leaders who are community focused.


Exclusive Interview With VIMA Winner Jumero


There’s something about Jumero..

We felt it the moment we began to unfold song after song that was submitted for VIMA. They were just different. It’s as if they were from a different time zone and planet completely, bold enough to bring back the raw, stripped, melodic sounds from a time when music just felt so good to listen to. And its rewarded them by being honored with the VIMA Thank You For Existing Award together with Roshan Jamrock, SOG and bittymacbeth from Singapore.The Thank You for Existing award is given away annually to the most creative and innovative acts of VIMA.

Think Jason Mraz meets Jamiroquai!

Get to know the guys through this exclusive interview with VIMA.

1. Congratulations on winning the VIMA THANK YOU FOR EXISTING AWARD. How do you feel about being bestowed the highest honor for VIMA?

Wow, Just Wow. Seeing and knowing some of all the amazing acts that took part in this year’s VIMA Awards, it definitely came as a huge surprise to all of us when we first saw the announcement. It was one of those moments where we had to rub our eyes again to make sure we weren’t seeing wrongly! Haha. We really are so honored and grateful to be one of the four acts that received this award.

2. Who are your key influence to your style of music and genre?

There are so many, but just to name a few at the top of our heads we can say: Jamiroquai, John Butler, Jack Johnson, John Mayer, Robin Thicke, Donovan Frankenreiter, The Foals, Allen Stone, Ben Howard, Jason Mraz and the list can keep on going.
As a band though, we have always wanted to have our own unique/signature sound. So throughout our years as Jumero, we would always make it a point not to over listen to just one particular act, in fear of imitating their sound too closely. But yeah, those previously mentioned acts have definitely influenced our sound as Jumero.


3. What are you currently working on and what can your fans expect from you in the near future?

New songs and possibly a music video! We’re also contemplating a number of collaborations with other local and international bands, but nothing confirmed just yet. We’ll be sure to update our fans on our social media.


4. If you had a chance to perform with any musician in the world, who would it be and why?

Such a hard question. But at the moment, if we had to choose, John Mayer and John Butler are definitely on top of the list we reckon. Allen Stone and Ben Howard as well. We all love their music and song writing style. To be able to perform with them would be crazy legit.

5. What are your thoughts about the current music scene and what can be done to make things better?

Small, but growing rapidly! During the few years or so that Jumero has been around, we have already seen so many new bands form that it’s almost hard to keep track! Which is a good thing. The growth of bands will only result in more healthy competition as well as a growth in the market for live music appreciation. In return, hopefully more venues, events and festivals will sprout up to cater to all these up-and-coming bands both locally and internationally. We feel that a fixed touring circuit that runs both locally and internationally (even if just around the South East Asian Countries) can greatly benefit the music scene in Malaysia. Our local musicians will get to watch and learn from other regional and international bands and vice versa. Foreign bands can travel here and us to them. Maybe soon we can have a “Student Exchange program”.. Except for bands. That is the best way to learn as musicians and gain exposure.

Connect With Jumero


Port Dickson, Malaysia 25th April 2016

Sophie (Sofia Sanford), was announced as the winner of the Fioris Award (Best Communicator & Presenter) of the VIMA MODEL AWARDS .

The subsidiary title was the main highlight of the round 3 of the VIMA MODEL AWARDS which was hosted and sponsored by Glory Beach Resort Port Dickson from 23rd to 24th April.


“Round 3 was all about Communication, Presentation, Creativity and Teamwork. We had 3 activities in this round.

The presentations in Activity 1 and Activity 3 gave the contestants an opportunity to express themselves and also overcome the fear of facing an audience during a presentation. Activity 1 was a group task whereas Activity 3 was an individual task where contestants spoke about topics close to their heart. There was also an opportunity for contestants to show off their talents in Activity 2 during the Talent Night in the most creative ways.

Throughout Round 3 we were also looking at how contestants were able to engage their audience. This round was very challenging because it required a lot of thinking and planning and the need to present a task within a given time. However, in spite of the hectic schedule and the demanding criteria for each activity, the contestants developed a very close bond among themselves which created a lot of fun moments. On the whole, the weekend turned into an unforgettable experience for all.


MV Rekha Menon (Co-Founder VIMA Model Awards)

Next, 12 contestants will be moving on to Round 4 which will test the contestants’ intellectual and problem solving skills.” shared MV Rekha Menon, co-founder of VIMA Model Awards.

Sophie, 23, a freelance artist, will be presented with a VIMA crystal award and special certificate at the upcoming VIMA MUSIC & MODEL AWARDS to be held in the 3rd week of July, 2016.

The Top 5 contestants of Round 3 were:

  1. Sophie (Malaysia) – Crystal award and cert.
  2. Mandana (Iran) – Crystal awards and cert.
  3. Elyssa Choy (Malaysia) – cert
  4. Joanna Joseph (Malaysia) – cert
  5. Anika (Russia) – cert


The award name, Fioris was conceived out of a combination of the Italian word fiore which stands for flower and  Iris the Greek Goddess that was represented as a rainbow, a beautiful young maiden with wings and is associated with communication and as a messenger of the gods. The other titles of the subsidiary awards include Vox Populi  (People’s Choice Awards) which was won by Mary from the Philippines in Round 2, and The Visage Award (Face of The Year) won by Pema Tshoki from Bhutan.


Some of the highlights of round 3 included the baby turtles that were released into the sea from the Turtles hatchery at Glory Beach Resort, as well as a power-packed talent night event. The Talent night saw many contestants sing and dance, as well as unique talent performances that included belly dancing (Mandana), an abstract painting created in under 4 minutes (Sophie), a dress re-designed on stage on a “live” mannequin (Samira), and a Justin Bieber impersonation complete with song (Joanna Joseph).


The contestants also shared their own life stories and offered advice and comfort in a closed door “no holds barred” opening up session that brought them closer together as a form of their own sisterhood.



VIMA Model Awards was conceived with the main objective of seeking individuals beyond just looks and glamour – models who are smart, fun loving, strong minded, independent and confident.

VIMA Model Awards is also being positioned as a unique and rule-bending platform in the modeling and fashion industry whereby the participation criteria is as such:

  1. The awards is open to contestants of any height
  2. The awards does not discriminate with regards to race or skin colour
  • Contestants need not have had any prior modeling experience
  1. Two age groups : 18-29 years old & 30-40 years old
  2. Contestants with piercings and tattoos are allowed to participate
  3. International models based in Malaysia for studies or work are eligible to join.