Vyner Music School team : Cheryl, Dila, Sharon & Cindy

VYNER MUSIC & TRAINING CENTRE is the sponsor for a customized VIMA award – Best Male Vocalist ( Malaysia & Singapore).

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Find out who are the 15 nominees selected:

VYYNER MUSIC & TRAINING CENTRE, established 2016 in USJ, is dedicated to nurturing and educating young special needs and children on the autism spectrum in music and life skills. They work in effective partnership with the families and care givers.

The school is run by the Vyner family who are very musically inclined.


Cindy Deborah Vyner, Director of Operations and Chief Judge for VIMA

As a first time judge for VIMA i’m really looking forward to playing my role in determining who becomes the Best Male Vocalist for VIMA. In fact, I have already begun doing my own online research on the nominees and I’m truly impressed with what i have seen and heard so far“, said Cindy Deborah Vyner, Director of Operations for Vyner Music and also chief judge for the awards category. Her judging panel will include her musically gifted nephew Joshua Danial Johnson and her siblings Sharon Rachel Vyner ( Director of Academic Studies, Vyner Music) & Mark Gilbert Vyner (Senior Security Specialist, Techlab Security).


Vyner Family  ( L to R) : Cindy, Mark, Joshua, Sharon and mum Carmen ( front)

Joshua has performed with pop stars like Jaclyn Victor, Zainal Abidin, Juwita Suwito and the Aseana Percussion Unit He also represented Malaysia together with his friend Salvador ,at the Talent Gala Night in Hong Kong, where they emerged champions in the Best Duet category, winning against participants from 15 nations from Asia Pacific including China, New Zealand and Australia. The duo was mentored by Edwin Nathaniel, who himself was recently inducted into the VIMA Hall of Fame.



Joshua has his own band ZIMI J and performs regularly for various events including at KLPAC, Segi University, Hand in Hand With The Stars, Headstart Academy launch and NGO related platforms. He has composed a song for NASOM and has recently even performed on TV with his band.


Vyner Music School has always been about helping children to unfold and elevate their musical talent, and we are proud to be able to sponsor this award as a way to inspire our students to excel“, shared Sharon Rachel Vyner, Director of Academic Studies.

She added , “Our objective and main curriculum is through music instructions in a completely non judgemental,loving, and encouraging environment. Under the umbrella of music, we help them develop appropriate social interaction by building trust and improving their confidence and self-esteem. We help them develop inter-personal communication and relationships outside the sphere of music. We use music as a tool to achieve non-musical goals for the child /adolescent.”



Children (4 to 12 years)

·       Music and Rhythm
·       Graded exams by Rock School and Trinity of London
·       Communicative English Language
·       Literacy
·       Developing fine motor-skills through music and art
·       Physical education and games

Classes are from 9am to 4pm for a full day and 9am to 1pm half day. Lunch, snacks and tea break will be provided for full day. Light lunch will be provided for half day.

For further enquiries kindly email



Logo VIMA2 Redraw
Kuala Lumpur, November 10th 2018 
An Honest Mistake led the way with a staggering 8 nominations at the unveiling of the VIMA Music Awards “Gargantuan” Final Nominees List. Roshan Jamrock is featured in 9 nominations, however with 4 to his name and a further 5 as part of the Hip-hop crunk group K-Town Clan. Rabbit Mac notched 7 nominations while Sheezay, Arvind Raj, Crinkle Cut and HMGNC (Indonesia) each had 5 nominations.
The awards platform, now in it’s 10th years, attracted more than 1500 song submissions by musicians from more than 40 countries worldwide.
It isnt about the destination, but more about the journey“, shared Siva Zaphod Chandran, VIMA Founder.
VIMA has always been about elevating musicians, and we tend to do this even more effectively by creating a platform that drives publicity to the nominees. This is why over the years, we have placed more emphasis on the public voting segment and allowing each category to have a bigger list of nominees over a longer period of voting time. Over the course of 10 years, we have also moved on from huge single awards night presentation themes to more focused, publicity driven Microawards segments that harnesses the online viral strength of social media postings,  LIVE videos and stories.Unlike most other major awards platforms, VIMA has always played a “behind-the-scenes” approach by providing free coaching,mentoring, marketing & PR strategies, connecting musicians for product endorsements, gigs, campaigns launches, media appearances and so much more. We have never taken credit for what we have done in the lives of thousands of musicians, and we hope a whole new generation of musicians will benefit when VIMA introduces several new radical changes by 2020.” he added.
Official public voting for the various categories begins November 15th based on the following schedule:
a) Chill Song of The Year 15th November
b) Dance/Electronica Song of The Year 19th November
c) Hip-Hop/Rap Song of The Year 23rd November
d) Best Genrebender 27th November
e) Best Music Video December 2nd
All other categories – Best Pop Song, Best Collaboration, Best Rock Song, Best Overall Female Act, Best Male Vocalist (Malaysia&Singapore), Best Indian Song will have it’s public voting commence from December 10th onwards.
The award has become a benchmark for many awards platform across the globe and often acts as a launch pad for music acts tipped to be the next big thing. Some of the past winners include Yuna, Altimet, The Great Spy Experiment (Singapore), Joe Flizzow, Project E.A.R (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia), Prema Yin, K-Town Clan, Ze Rebelle, Sasi The Don, FuzzCulture (India), Thaitanium (Thailand), Up Dharma Down (Philippines), Inch Chua (Singapore), Feez Madea (Brunei), Electrico (Singapore), Pop Shuvit, Melissa Indot and many more. Interestingly many top notch celebrity musicians have also been nominated together with VIMA nominees as part of a collaboration and the awards has seen Pharrell, Mariah Carey, Dr. Alban, Rick Ross, RZA (Wu Tang Clan) all been nominated in the past.

The award platform is unique for allowing submissions from bedroom DJs, college acts, concert performances and even demo versions. It also champions singles rather than albums and recognizes songs of all languages in all genres including electronica,hip-hop,metal,pop,dance,rock and mash-ups/remixes.

Overall voting scores are determined through

30% Public votes

50% Global judges

20% social media presence including FB videos and Insta stories



K-Town Clan with 5 nominations. Roshan Jamrock with a further 4 nominations

1. Nakaw Na Sandali – Zjay feat. Just Hush & Kent Mnl
2. Hold Me Down – Nadhira feat SXPH
3. Dont get me started – K-Town Clan feat Maruxa Lynd
4. Monkey Business – K-town Clan
5. ATPB – Lo Ki ( Philippines)
6. Kaun Hoon Main – Brothahood
7. Dekhte Reh Jaoge – SubSpace X J Trix (India)
8. BalDoh – Krayziesoundz
9. Gong Nekara – Kmy Kmo & Luca Sickta
10. Bayappadathey – Rabbit Mac x Sheezay x Santesh
11. Katheye Ille – Arvind Raj feat INC
12.Unnai Thedi Varuvain – Aathitiyanz feat Arvind Raj

MOBBSTARR from Philippines was a previous VIMA Asia winner

13. Thee – Jey Ganesh Kamban
14. Pudhiya Era – ADK SRI RASCOL ( Sri Lanka/Malaysia)
15. Champion – MC SANNA feat. HYDE KARTY ( India)
16. Time Wastin – MAS1A (Canada)& XXXSS Tokyo ( Ukraine/Japan)
17. Rappidy Dappidy – Ashtin
18. Bida Tapi Ambung – Guardian of Rhythm ( Brunei)
19. One more shot/ Once You Go Dayak – Son of Age
20. Jejaga – Atrez feat Altimet,Along Cham,Haiza

Rabbit Mac and Havoc Brothers. Rabbit has notched 6 nominations

21. Vai-lapalam FREEMIX (All Star)
Produced: Rabbit Mac
Performed: Rabbit Mac, Sheezay, MC Syze, Psychomantra, Roshan Jamrock, Lady Kash, Nigel Sparks, Stylomannavan, Balan Kashmir, Switche, Harvinth Skin, Kidd Santhe, DJ Ruckes, Bone Killa, Lawrence Soosai and Bugz.
22. BTM – Mobbstarr ( Philippines)

23. Ashtin – All The Way (Produced by Roshan Jamrock)



Blackstar (Indonesia) has 3 nominations and was a previous VIMA winner

1. Seven Seas – KVLTS
2. Lights Ignite – Airwaves on Fire
4. Take Them Down – Skies Are Red
5. ) Insomnified – Shadow Puppet Theatre
6. Moments – PLVINDRE
7. Roshan Jamrock featuring Adam Lobo – Katravai Patravai (The English Version)
8. Pakhshi – Adholokam ( India)
Youtube link-
9. 5. Perfect Lies – AGO ( India)
10. Human – Volatile
11. On the attack – Volatile
12. Come My Way – TMJB
13 Sa Ngalan Ng Pag-Ibig – December Avenue ( Philippines)
14. To Dust and Mind – Manila Under Fire ( Philippines)
15. Kaahe Re – Antariksh
16. A Try – Alien Lipstick Fire
17. Wine & Sex – The Sutra ( Sri Lanka/ India/ France/ US/ Taiwan)
18. Nothing At All – Sabby & The Cats ( Singapore)
19. Kaadhal Enbathu Saabama – Bala Ganapathi William
20. Be Soul – Kaya

Unto The Dawn (Hong Kong)

21. I Don’t Know – I Mean Us
22. Romantisme Digital – Blackstar ( Indonesia)
23. Luar Angkasa – Blackstar (Indonesia)
24. Before Everything Dies – Unto The Dawn ( Hong Kong)
25.飢餓殺手 – dayDream
26. Empty Six – Orchid Sword ( Taiwan)
27. The High Wall & The Color Red – Orchid Sword ( Taiwan)
28. KARMA 惡果 – Obsess ( Taiwan)
29. Emperor – Billie Blue & The Nowhere Men
30. Rye – Pullo ( Indonesia)
31. Betel Nuts – No-nonsense Collective ( Taiwan)
32. The Opening Song – No-nonsense Collective ( Taiwan)
33. Anugerah of The Year – Oh Chentaku
34. Pujaan Hati – Loko
35. Blind – The Endleaves
36. Segurista – The Dawn ( Philippines)
37. Tiga pagi – Fletch ( Indonesia)
38. Another Divine Joke – LO Peninsula (India)

KW & THE FACEDOWN MOVEMENT (Pakistan) make a strong presence with 2 rock song nominations

39. Bend it – Kw and The Facedown Movement ( Pakistan)
40. Todi The Smoker – Kw and The Facedown Movement ( Pakistan)



AN HONEST MISTAKE (MALAYSIA) chalked up 9 nominations thanks to their experimental dance and genre-bending tracks

1.Til Death Do Us Part- Tomas Ford ( Australia) (feat. Ze Rebelle (MY) ) –
2. Snake With Limbs (Remix) – An Honest Mistake feat Fuzzculture (India)
3. We’re Alright – An Honest Mistake ( Southway Remix)
4. Love on the dance floor – Nadhira
5. Free – Dangerdisko × Q Sound
Spotify – Released 8th March 2018
6. Hologram – Ze Rebelle ( feat Docolv( France))
8. Lekker Met Der Meiden – Merol ( Netherlands)
9. Call Me When You Can – His & Hers ( Netherlands)
10. SPELL – Monica Dogra & Curtain Blue

Merol from Netherlands has certainly created a stir with her saucy songs

11. Fivsta X Fivsta – Good Time
12. TUA-Fylix Francis
13. Please Stay – Talitha
14. Almere – I Wear*Experiment ( Estonia)
15. Celebration – Young Stunna ( Nigeria) & DJ D3AN
16. Constant Wave of Emotions – HMGNC
17. The Deed – Hi-C ( Philippines)
18. Faagun (Original Mix) – Crostec& Xouvyc (India)  (Wildcard)



Sheezay (Malaysia) was nominated 5 times

1. Dil Tere – Mandev Singh feat Shalmali Kholgade & Arvinder Raina
Spotify link:
2. Podu Sakka Podu – Sha zovve
3. PPVP – K-town Clan feat. Menaga Dolmayan –
4. Pakhshi – Adholokam ( India)
Youtube link-
5. You’re The One – Brothahood (ft. The Rish)
6. Dekhte Reh Jaoge – SubSpace X J Trix
7. Saage Poren – Sheezay
8. Kaanamaley – Greeny feat Raj Pirate
9. #MrityunJayan – Tiban & Mathanakumar

Santesh with 4 nominations also created history by having the same song nominated in 2 different categories in 2 languages for Amalina

10. Paranox – Punjabi Tadka (ft. Dee lush & Srijan) ( India)
11. Shehr’ch Rehndi Goriye – Tigerstyle ( Scotland) x Paranox Official Remix (India)
12. Gujili –Deejay Gan x Sunitha Sararhy x Rabbit Mac
13. Love In Swiss – Havoc Brothers
14 Kaahe Re – Antariksh (India)
15. Kaadhal Enbathu Saabama – Bala Ganapathi William
16. Love Me – Lawrence Soosai
17. Nee Illamaley – Arvind Raj feat Daddy Shaq
18. Thee – Jey Ganesh Kamban
19. Vellai Poove – ADK ( Sri Lanka) SRIRASCOL( Malaysia) feat. TEEJAY ( UK)
20. Champion – MC SANNA feat. HYDE KARTY ( India)
21. Nalai Namadhe – Dev Major feat Snehan, lykki Berry & Jags De Esan
22. Zindagi – Sangeetha Rajeev (India)
23. Tere Bina – Loysum feat Priyanka John
24. Ennoda Saripathi – MC Sai & Deyo feat Ratty Adiththan
25. Nirvathamay – Chinmayi, Swetha Mohan & Edwin S.A

Sangeetha Rajeev (India)

26. Yennule Neeye – Dhenesh, Shane Extreme
27. Amalina – Santesh

28. Kadhal Neeye – Bjorn Surrao,Shakthisree Gopalan & Suchith Suresan (India)

29.Kathal Enge Ponathu – GBZ (Emzy Shady & Agathiyan)

30. Kaarat – Havoc Brothers



Monica Dogra & Curtain Blue scored 5 nominations including Best Music Video

1.Snake With Limbs (Remix) – An Honest Mistake feat Fuzzculture (India)
2. Be Here Now – 4th Hue
3. We’re Alright – An Honest Mistake ( Southway Remix) UK
4. OKAY – Music Kitchen & Matthew McKelson
5. Pakhshi – Adholokam ( India)
Youtube link-
6. Perfect Lies – AGO ( India)
7. Enjoy it while it lasts – Easy Wanderlings
8. She’s Got it all – Joy Victor
9. Let Me Go – Hanita Bhambri ( India)
10. SPELL – Monica Dogra & CurtainBlue ( India)
11. Muax – Rabbit Mac
12. Letter to My Younger Self – Paperplane Pursuit
13. Solid Gold – Sam Rui ( Singapore) feat LXX ( Korea)
14. Luar Angkasa – Blackstar (Indonesia)
15. Patience – I Wear*Experiment ( Estonia)
16. Time Wastin – MAS1A (Canada)& XXXSS Tokyo ( Ukraine/Japan)
17. Skandal – Pacai, Esham Shahlin, Juita Jalil
18. Rye – Pullo ( Indonesia)
19. Malicious Judicious – Golden Mammoth
20. Anugerah of The Year – Oh Chentaku

I WEAR *EXPERIMENT from Estonia have 3 nominations including Best Music Video

21. Believe – When Chai Met Toast
23. Another Divine Joke – LO Peninsula (India)
24. Blackpepper – Airportradio ( Indonesia)
25. …of the street – Airportradio ( Indonesia)
26. Alpha Omega – Airportradio ( Indonesia)
27. Mungkin Tak Mungkin – Oh Chentaku



Falling Feathers (Singapore)

1. Rainbow – An Honest Mistake ( DangerDisko Remix)
2. . Everything – Roshan Jamrock x An Honest Mistake (Boom Boom In Da BedRoom Remix) –
3. 7. Roshan Jamrock featuring Adam Lobo – Katravai Patravai (The English Version)
4. KAWKAW – K-Town Clan feat Maruxa Lynd
5. Past And The Future Me – Jumero and Evelyn Feroza
6. Percaya – Nawkhi feat Didi Astilah & Jamiel Said
7. SPELL – Monica Dogra & CurtainBlue ( India)
8. Shehr’ch Rehndi Goriye – Tigerstyle ( Scotland) x (Paranox Official Remix)
9. Kung ‘Di Rin Lang Ikaw – December Avenue & Moira Dela Torre ( Philippines)
–> Official Music Video Link:
10. Fallin’ – December Avenue & Clara Benin ( Philippines)
–> Live Performance Video Link:

Sam Rui (Singapore)

11. Boss – Rabbit Mac & Havoc Brothers
12. Bayappadathey – Rabbit Mac x Sheezay x Santesh
13. Shore – Ninu & Darren Ashley
14. Pretty Boy – Crinkle Cut & Khymn
15. Dancing Alone – Falling Feathers ( Singapore) & Love X Stereo ( Korea)
16. Nee Illamaley – Arvind Raj feat Daddy Shaq
17. Last Call – Grazy Grace ( Korea) & Sam Rui (Singapore)
18. Vellai Poove – ADK ( Sri Lanka) SRIRASCOL( Malaysia) feat. TEEJAY ( UK)
19. COMPOSE – Young Stunna ( Nigeria) ft JSongz
20. This too shall pass – HMGNC feat Agung Burgerkill (Indonesia)
21. Satukan Cinta – Ukie Junx, Najat, Judith Chung, Mallinda Zky, Roy Asar, Oki Eras, Jiddong JR, Alit Jabang Bayi, Yaman, Pampam, Natan SD (Indonesia)
22. Dewi Seraya – Salammusik feat Benzooloo
23. Vai-lapalam FREEMIX (All Star)
Produced: Rabbit Mac
Performed: Rabbit Mac, Sheezay, MC Syze, Psychomantra, Roshan Jamrock, Lady Kash, Nigel Sparks, Stylomannavan, Balan Kashmir, Switche, Harvinth Skin, Kidd Santhe, DJ Ruckes, Bone Killa, Lawrence Soosai and Bugz.
24.Where you Go – LIDYA, Furkan and Jelbrim (Germany), Alux Ammons (USA)

25.Kadhal Neeye – Bjorn Surrao,Shakthisree Gopalan & Suchith Suresan



Easy Wanderlings from India received 4 nominations including 2 songs in the Chill Song category

1. Rainbow – An Honest Mistake ( DangerDisko Remix)
2. Dancing With The Stars – Jumero
3. Navin & Juhi – Navin Kumar (India)
4. Battle Bloom – Waiting
5. I for little things – Easy Wanderlings
6. Summer is Away – Easy Wanderlings
7. Paint a picture – Droolfox (India)
8. HIer Mag Alles – Anna Speller ( Netherlands)
9. Surround – Im Innocent

HMGNC (Indonesia) with 5 nominations

10. 死宝貝 – I Mean Us (Taiwan)
11. Sedikit Waktu – HMGNC
12. So Right – Kaya
13. No matter what – SATWO
14. Slow – Gentle Robot (Pakistan)


1. Little Things – Tash (UK)
2. Podu Sakka Podu – Sha zovve
3. You wont try – Brendan De Cruz
4. Love you right – Nadhira feat Radio 3000
5. OKAY – Music Kitchen & Matthew McKelson
6 Heart of Steel – Mero/ Lawrence Soosai
7. Pwede Bang Ikaw Na Lang – Pino G ( Philippines)
8.Pejamkan – Aika
9. Dancing With The Stars – Jumero
10. Vida (Tanda Kasih) Oyent feat Syabil Sobrie of ‘Golden Mammoth’
11. You’re The One – Brothahood (ft. The Rish)
12. Comelnya Si Dia – Ze Rebelle
13. Battle Bloom – Waiting
14. Enjoy it while it lasts – Easy Wanderlings ( India)
15. Smile Again – Sherman Tan
16. She’s Got it all – Joy Victor
17. Home – AKoustic Soul
18. Walnam Ka•sara Pring-An Ode to Life – Nokpante (India)
Youtube (Music Video) :
19. HIer Mag Alles – Anna Speller ( Netherlands)
20. If i fall in love – Beverly Matujal
21. Let Me Go – Hanita Bhambri ( India)

Crinkle Cut were nominated 5 times including Best New Act

22.Cincin Di Jari – Jamiel Said ( Singapore)
23. Hanyut – The Impatient Sisters
24. Boxset Girlfriend – Lost Spaces
25. Woo Hoo – Paperplane Pursuit
26. Slip through your veins – Talitha
27. Justify – Crinkle Cut
28. Terrified – Falling Feathers ( Singapore)
29. Amalina – Santesh
30. Terbiar – Zulin Aziz
31. I’m U – I Mean Us (Taiwan)
32. DOGS – I Wear*Experiment ( Estonia)
33. Runaway – David Soh
34. Hard to leave – Christian
35. Greenlight – The Printer Convention ( Australia)
36. Cowards & Warriors – The Printer Convention feat Caitlin Burnett ( Australia)
i mean us

Dreampop/shoegaze band I Mean Us from Taiwan received 4 nominations

37. Tuhi – Sangeetha Rajeev ( India)
38. Quick Sax – Deyo and Janani feat NeeQ (India)
39. Ku tuliskan lagu – Jonathan Tse
40. Selfie – Perfect Strangers (India)


his n hers

His & Hers (Netherlands)

1. You Know – Sha Zovve
2.What Do You See – 4th Hue ( India)
3. OKAY – Music Kitchen & Matthew McKelson
4. Call The Police – Music Kitchen & Akram
5. KAWKAW – K-Town Clan feat Maruxa Lynd
6. Let’s Go – Ja Aram Tai
7.Two Lost Souls- Tanya Nambiar ( India)
8. Dekhte Reh Jaoge – SubSpace X J Trix (India)
9. Wake Up Rama – Sanjeev T
10. Mount Palani – Sanjeev T
11. Cheshire Cat – FAZZ
12. The Shakes – Metro Fantastic ( Philippines)
13. Y – Avery Fos
14. The Awakening – Palindroma ( India)
15 Change – Palindroma (India) feat Lili Del Sol ( Colombia)
17. Dirty Dreamer – His & Hers ( Netherlands)
18. SPELL – Monica Dogra & CurtainBlue (India)
19. Katyuchuk My Love – Pragnya Wakhlu (India)
20. Shore – Ninu & Darren Ashley
21. Pretty Boy – Crinkle Cut & Kymn
22. Colours of Hate – Buddhi De Mal ( Sri Lanka)
4th hue

4th Hue (India)

23. 13. Nee Illamaley – Arvind Raj feat Daddy Shaq
24. Johnny The Hero – I Mean Us ( Taiwan)
25. . Galvin Patrick – Popular (feat. Joeshrl)
26. Galvin Patrick, DeenOmyte & Fortr3zz – Mimpi Yang Terapung
27. Skandal – Pacai feat Aji
28. Sedikit Waktu – HMGNC
29. Buka hati ku kembali – HMGNC
30. Lost in Flames – Deyo, Keshav Ram & Sheshadiri Varadarajan (Australia)
31. Malicious Judicious – Golden Mammoth
32. Demons – Psytrus
33. Who are you? – When Chai Met Toast (India)
35. Goodbyes – Michelle SgP (Singapore)
36. Blow up doll – Perfect Strangers (India)
37. Walk on the Wildside – Perfect Strangers (India)
salam musik


38. Black Pepper – Airportradio (Indonesia)
39. Gunslinger – An Honest Mistake & Stellar Dreams

40.Stellar – Bjorn Surrao (India) & Suchith Suresan



Nadhira received 4 nominations

1. Love you right – Nadhira feat Radio 3000
2. Two Lost Souls- Tanya Nambiar ( India)
3. She’s Got it all – Joy Victor
4. If i fall in love – Beverly Matujal Your Arms Tonight – Hanita Bhambri ( India)
6 Hanyut – The Impatient Sisters
7. Katyuchuk My Love – Pragnya Wakhlu ( India)
8. Justify – Crinkle Cut

Tanya Nambiar (India)

9. Solid Gold – Sam Rui ( Singapore)
10. Escape -Michelle SgP
11. Costa (Japan)
12. Masia Lim (Canada)


maha jeffery

Maha Jeffery

1. Matthew Mckelson
2. Brendan De Cruz
3. Jared Lim ( Jumero)
4. Santesh
5. Oyent
6. Sean Choon ( Volatile)
7. Sherman Tan
8. Maha Jeffery
9. Darren Ashley
10. Emmanuel ( Kaya)
11. Christian
12. Pacai
13. Myo ( Oh Chentaku)
14. Darryl Thomas
15. Jamiel Said



KELVYN YEANG with his Guitar God of Malaysia VIMA award


  1. Ridzuan Hameed (awarded)
  2. Gerard Singh (microaward presentation TBA)
  3. Vijay David (microaward presentation TBA)




jalakx digital

The JALAKX DEEPAVALI SONG COMPETITION was Malaysia’s 1st Multi-lingual song competition organized by Jalakx Sdn Bhd and VIMA (Voice International Music Awards).

Here are the terms and conditions of how a musician may submit and participate in the competition.

  1. The competition is open to musicians based in Malaysia.
  2. Any song released between January 1st,2015 and 20th September 2017 is eligible to be submitted.
  3. Songs of any language can be submitted. The organizers also encourage multiple language songs.
  4. Songs of any genre may be submitted (Pop, Dance, Hip-hop, Rock, Jazz, Soul, R&B, etc)
  5. The song submission date begins from July 27th 2017 and will close on September 20th 2017.
  6. Musicians are allowed to submit Deepavali songs that are also of family or unity themed.
  7. Musicians are encouraged to send in festive or upbeat songs.
  8. Musicians are discouraged from sending in songs that are vulgar, racist, political or songs with any double meanings.
  9. Songs should be submitted as audio or video links. Musicians are encouraged to send in song links from either Soundcloud, Spotify or Youtube.
  10. All songs links must be submitted to
  11. Musicians may send in as many entries. No limit to the number of songs as long as the songs are festive, family or unity themed.
  12. All musicians are advised to send in full names(or name of band), a short profile, contact details, social media links (if there is any).
  13. All musicians are encouraged to visit the JALAKX Facebook page and like the page to follow all the latest updates including the final nominees announcement

14.  The final nominees list of votes are expected to commence for 1 week between the final week of September and the 1st week of October.

15.  Musicians are encouraged to create their own social media postings, photos and short videos to help promote their submissions. This will be valuable to engage fans, friends and family to help support the musician during the competition.

Photo JALAKX 1

From the entries, the organizers are targeting up to 15 nominees for the final round of voting.

The final 15 nominees will go through a public round of voting which makes up 50% of the scores and the other 50% will be scored by celebrity and industry judges.

The Top 3 winners will be awarded a crystal award and the final list of 10 to 12 songs will be selected for nationwide promotion as well as the potential to be marketed globally.

JALAX Logo 2017_FA

Logo VIMA2 Redraw




Mandolin Sponsors VIMA Song of The Year Award


It’s the final award to be given out, and it’s been a long time coming.

Mandolin, who recently sponsored the VIMA Best Colloboration Award, has also graciously stepped forward to sponsor the highly anticipated VIMA Song of The Year award.

Lionel Charles Pereira of Mandolin shared:

“Mandolin is pleased to sponsor both the VIMA Best Collaboration and Song Of The Year award as it’s our way of supporting the local music scene.

We are honored that Mandolin will be associated in recognizing and presenting this esteemed song award, and we hope that this in turn will spearhead more musicians to strive towards songs of quality and of international standards.

We are also excited to be partnering with VIMA soon to showcase young, up and coming acts to perform at Mandolin. We intend to create a special platform that will allow our patrons to enjoy the most happening local music during weekdays and to help elevate the scene”

Visit Mandolin’s FB page here


The Song of The Year Award will be determined by a fresh set of voting of which 50% will come from global judges and 50% from a public polls that will run on the VIMA Official Facebook page from March 21st until March 27th, 2017.

1. Jagat – Lawrence Soosai
2. Rain – Endleaves
3. Bintang – Ze Rebelle
4. When you turn me on – Tamara (Australia/Malaysia)
5. Terimakasih – Salammusik
6. Ini Baru Lawa – Lawalah Familia
7. The Boss – Roshan Jamrock feat Alex Subryn,Ramon (Blister), Precious Michael & Sho D Beat

8. Blind Love – Jumero
9. Tu Hi Dilruba – Adithya Srinivasan (Singapore)
10. All I Want For Christmas Is You (Mariah Carey Cover) – An Honest Mistake featuring Daiyan Trisha, Roshan Jamrock of K-Town Clan , Nick Davis, Raja Nazrin from SOG,
Diandra Arjunaidi, Jon Liddell, So I’m Jenn, Shawn Lee
& Julz Savard from Save Me Hollywood (Philippines)
11. Human – Karmal (featuring Vandal & Songstress)
12. C.O.A – Roshan Jamrock & Adam Lobo (feat Dasha Logan)
13. Lost – GTXperiment



From left : Shawn (SKOWT), Vincent, Kurenai, Jay and Alvin (Music Asia)

Singapore, 24 February 2017

Hard Rock band, Vivienne’s Verdict from Singapore, was presented with their VIMA-SKOWT Bronze Crystal award at a VIMA microawards ceremony held at Hood Bar and Cafe yesterday.

Shawn Ng from SKOWT presented the award to band members Vincent Lee (guitarist), Kurenai (vocalist) and Jay Kwek (guitarist).

The band, formed in 2009, was originally conceived as a covers band, but moved forward ambitiously to release their debut EP “Depiction” from which they submitted all 5 songs as entries for consideration at the VIMA Music Award 2016.

More info about the band can be found here :


Vivienne’s Verdict shared :

“We wish to thank VIMA and SKOWT for this amazing recognition and dedication to push local music further. We feel incredibly honoured and humbled to be part of this event. We would like to thank all our fans, friends and family who have been constantly supportive throughout our music journey. We will continue to strive and work hard on all of our future material.

Also do check us out on our social media pages as we are releasing our new single titled ‘Hurricane’ in March!”


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Jheeva from SKOWT shared:

“We are proud to once again be partnering with VIMA in recognising independent music artists globally.

Vivienne’s Verdict is a great example of a hugely talented independent artist with amazing potential and drive. We at SKOWT would like to congratulate them on this award and will be doing our best to help showcase their talent.

Join us at and help us discover how incredibly talented some of these artists truly are!”

SKOWT is a platform that focuses on unsigned artist worldwide giving them an opportunity to showcase their talent.The platform is open to artist from any background, genre, language or country. The only requirement is that the artist registering to use the platform has to be independent from any record labels. The unsigned artist uploads their biography and their songs that they wish to showcase.


VIMA (which stands for Voice International Music Awards) is considered the most important and anticipated music award in South-east Asia, and the 2016 edition, opened up submissions to musicians from Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. The award has become a benchmark for many awards platform across the globe and often acts as a launch pad for music acts tipped to be the next big thing. Some of the past winners include Yuna, Altimet, The Great Spy Experiment (Singapore), Joe Flizzow, Project E.A.R (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia), Prema Yin, K-Town Clan, Ze Rebelle, Sasi The Don, Alex Subryn, An Honest Mistake, Inch Chua (Singapore), Feez Madea (Brunei), Electrico (Singapore), Pop Shuvit, Melissa Indot and many more.

The award platform is unique for allowing submissions from bedroom DJs, college acts, concert performances and even demo versions. It also champions singles rather than albums and recognizes songs of all languages in all genres including electronica,hip-hop,metal,pop,dance,rock and mash-ups/remixes.

VIMA Model Of The Year Microawards Presentation


All winners : (From Left : Asal, Samira, Joanna, Elyssa)

VIMA Model Awards recently announced the main winners of the Model Of The Year Award at a microawards ceremony hosted by In Colonial@Intermark Ampang.

Facebook LIVE Video of Winnners speech:

The VIMA MODEL OF THE YEAR award was presented to  Samira Siadatan of Iran, with Elyssa Choy and Joanna Joseph coming in as 1st Runner Up and 2nd Runner up respectively.


In attendance were the organizers and sponsors of the Model Awards platform

Regalo Fashion : Julian Fernandez & Ravinder Singh
Lakaran Alam : Suhaimi Sulaiman, Managing Director
Change Starts With Me : Rohn Rajan & Kanagam Ramanujam
In Colonial : Liz Wong
Organizers : Rekha Menon, Nancy and Siva “Zaphod” Chandran

Samira won a VIMA crystal award and a HOOPS Jolie Gold series watch sponsored by  Regalo Fashion as well as a Personal Branding & Spokesperson training by Suhaimi Sulaiman.

First Runner-up  Elyssa Angelica Choy received a VIMA Crystal Award and HOOPS ICON Flowers Series watch from Regalo Fashion
2nd Runner-up  Joanna Joseph received a VIMA Crystal Award and HOOPS Cherie Noir Series watch

Both models will also be able to attend the Personal Branding & Spokesperson training by Suhaimi Sulaiman.

VIMA team shared:

The whole idea behind VIMA Model Awards was to create role models beyond looks and glamour, focusing more on models who are confident, strong minded and independent. We wanted to make women aware that self respect, confidence and various skills are what adds to a beautiful personality. And we are glad to see a great deal of positive transformation in our girls. We hope that these girls can go out there to influence many other women in a similar way. And that’s what VIMA Models is all about – unfolding beautiful role models who can reach out and help transform others.”

All finalists were selected based on a process of evaluation that looked into their skills and abilities to undertake many tasks over 4 rounds in the competition including Communication, Presentation, Grooming, Intelligence, Social Media engagement, Talent and Personality.


VIMA Team with Winners (from left : Siva, Nancy, Asal, Joanna, Samira, Elyssa, Rekha)

Besides the main Model of The Year Award, two other subsidiary awards were also presented during the awards ceremony.

Regalo Fashion Presented the ICON INSPIRATION Award ( a HOOPS ICON series watch) to Joanna Joseph for her amazing transformation from a teenager bullied in school to a beauty queen and model.

Regalo Fashion shared:

Regalo Fashion are proud to have been associated with all the winners of this year’s VIMA Model of the Year Awards through our role as award sponsors. Having met the finalists personally, further strengthens our confidence that they will go on to do great things not just in their careers but in the causes that they represent. We at Regalo champion strong women having been brought up by strong women ourselves and are glad that the mantle is in good hands.

Regalo Fashion are the Exclusive Distributors of;

1. HOOPS Watches & Accessories (Malaysia, Singapore & Brunei)
2. Elliot Havok Watches & Accessories (Malaysia)

Online store    :

Another subsidiary award presented was the Change Starts With Me Award to Asal Salikhova from Uzbekistan for her amazing efforts to raise funds for the Fight For Alice Campaign.

Kanagam Ramanujam had this to share:

Congratulations to the lovely winners. Each one of them represent how dreams can become reality with a little help towards their empowerment. A gentle hand to guide them to change their attitudes, confidence levels and an to be open to the idea of new possibilities. Although this may be a ‘model’ finding project, it touched the essence of empowerment at its very core – that ‘change starts with me’.

Everyone who truly believes that ‘change starts with me’ is a role model because that is the fundamental of a positive belief system. From here, the road to excelling in whatever is undertaken will be achieved with smarts, caring and love for all! To Siva, Rekha, Nancy and their team, my heartiest congratulations to a job well done! Cheers to more such endeavors.”

VIMA Model Awards Judge ,Suhaimi Sulaiman, Managing Director of Lakaran Alam shared:

“With the exposure,  the girls can now create a new space and own the space and position themselves as influencers in that space.  They need to use the social media wisely to influence others on the cause close to their hearts which will also help their own communities.  An effective and influential spokesmodel — this is one way to sustain and prolong their “shelf life” in the industry.”

Liz Wong of In Colonial shared
“It was truly an enchanting afternoon hosting the beautiful VIMA models.  I was truly impressed with what the organizers had achieved with these girls. The organizers truly have  hearts of gold to have reached out in developing social skills among the young and talented ladies. In Colonial is honoured to have been given a chance to be a part of this awesome prize giving event.”

Find out more about In Colonial at



Sophia : FIORIS AWARD (Best Presenter & Communicator)
Face of The Year : Tshoki (Bhutan)
Vox Populi : Mary (Philippines)

Other Sponsors and supporters include

Glory Beach Resort (Round 3), Pullman Putrajaya (Round 4), Narayana Tea Stall (Meet The Models Lunch), Astro VBuzz, Laundry@The Curve, Hive Asia and Rentak Sejuta, photographers Sanjay Signature and Chandra Segaran

Asal Salikhova wins the VIMA-CHANGE STARTS WITH ME Award


Asal Salikhova, the DJ-Model from Uzbekistan, and VIMA Model Awards finalist has been bestowed the VIMA-CHANGE STARTS WITH ME AWARD.

Asal becomes the first recipient of this new award title (previously known as the VIMA AWAKENING AWARD), which recognizes individuals who have unconditionally worked towards a cause or initiated and led a charitable project.

The award, sponsored by CHANGE STARTS WITH ME, a global youth empowerment and transformation platform, is recognizing Asal for her incredible and tireless fund raising efforts that was done for her friend, Alice, who was battling breast cancer.


In her own words

” It started in 2014 when my pregnant manager, Alice, who became my good friend/sister, found out she had breast cancer. The first thing i did i was I created a Facebook page which we called Fight For Alice, in an effort to create awareness to let people know we might needed funds for Alice to undergo the operation.

I created 3 different events to raise funds. Within 2 weeks of the shocking news about Alice, i organized my first ever charity event for her , which included  live music band and fashion show. It was truly challenging because I had to do everything on my own. The good news was many people came forth and donated.

The second event which I organized together with Alice’s best friend, we did a combined fund raising for Alice and also for a baby girl named Alice also, who needed a brain operation within few month, and the family didn’t had funds. This time event was bigger. Local stars and bands and an auction.

The third event was organized by me after few months. I took this to a whole different level, organized in a hotel ballroom with a lot of international and famous people. We had live music, a fashion show, free food, arts and craft bazaar.

In total, for the 3 events combined and more we gathered about USD50,000 for Alice. 


Of course this was all done with a help of my friends and also Alice’s family and colleagues.

But this love and care for this person made me do all this, her family was in shock but i reacted faster and i knew something had to be done quickly. I just couldnt bear to watch her suffer. And when i started doing all charity events, the ironic thing was I had never in my life ever done or been part of a charity event.

My friend left us in December 2015, but she is always in our hearts and I miss her so much.

Asal will be presented with her Change Starts With Me Award soon, together with award winning musician Sam Systematic Seelan (for his amazing work bringing food to homeless people) and another musician that will be announced next week.

Watch the Change Starts With Me Video



Change Starts With Me is a Life Changing Transformation platform.

Facebook :

It’s about connecting. It’s about creating. It’s about inner change that will bring about amazing changes to one’s external world.

It begins with you. You, can make a difference. In your life and in the life of others.

Change Starts With Me is a customized self-discovery and self-development program to suit the needs of Malaysian youths and consequently coach and guide them towards greater life achievements.

And it’s going to get very interesting in the coming months as a life changing program called DREAMS OF DESTINY will be launched via “Live” seminars across 10 states in Malaysia. It will also be a convergence of social media platforms, online videos and digital/e-books to reach out to a sizeable youth audience.

Dreams of Destiny (DOD) is a powerful personal leadership and empowerment program for all level of individuals incorporating the latest breakthrough in human modification psychology and cutting-edge management and personal transformation tools.

It is specifically designed to enable individuals transform their mind-set and collective behaviors while undergoing personal success and life transformation. It provides participants the self-belief, confidence, direction and the drive to achieve greatness and success in life.

Both Change Starts With Me and Dreams of Destiny programs are developed by RRC Worldwide Sdn. Bhd. (RRC) has been at the forefront of community engagement and has developed a world-class mindset transformation programs that have proven highly effective in developing and empowering youth leaders who are community focused.