Official Announcement: Narayana Tea Stall Sponsors Best Indian/Punjabi Song


Narayana Tea Stall,a unique restaurant that bridges the old with the new, took an unprecedented leap into the world of music by sponsoring the Best Indian/Punjabi Song category. The restaurant recently launched its first outlet in Uptown Avenue Seremban 2 

Narayana Tea Stall is something very close to our hearts. It has that authentic feel about it, some might even term it as a nostalgic charm. Our aim is to bring people together from different walks of life through a tapestry of fun, laughter, moments, good food and drinks.

And now we wish to explore our platform to become a place for musicians, art, fashion, events and also various forms of merchandising to bring a different experience for our wonderfully supportive customers and friends.

The local music scene has certainly grown by leaps and bounds and over the past few years we have noticed many local musicians are now the producers or singers on many famous movie soundtracks. Narayana Tea Stall is proud to be associated with the VIMA platform to help recognize all these amazing talents“, shared Sobana Krishnan, CEO and co-owner of Narayana Tea Stall.



Husband and wife team : Sobana (right) and Ravee (left)

The VIMA INDIAN/PUNJABI song category has been one of the most followed and voted categories over the years with many prominent musicians winning and nominated such as Goldkartz, Rabbit Mac, Sheezay, Rubba Bend, Roshan Jamrock, Young Ruff, Raj Pirate, Arvinder Raina,Havoc Brothers, Lady Kash (Singapore), Shruthi, Thyviya, Thiban, Shane Extreme, and many more. VIMA MUSIC AWARDS is one of the world’s biggest music awards recognition platform and has been around since its inception in 2008. Some of the biggest local musicians such as Yuna, Joe Flizzow, Altimet, Bizhu, Poova, Alex Subryn, Prema Yin, Poetic Ammo, Hujan, Bunk Face and many more have all won on this stage.

See Past winners of the awards here

This year’s Best Indian/Punjabi Song Nominees and Public Votes


“We will be hosting the winners of this category to a special lunch in Seremban where we will present the awards to the winners next month. We are also currently in talks with several musicians to carry their albums and CD’s for sale at Narayana Tea Stall. We also hope to organize many interesting activities and events to engage the community to be part of and to foster friendship” , added Sobana.

Narayana Tea Stall has also been in the limelight recently for pulling off unique promos and hosting celebrities at its restaurant.The interior decor is lined with various colorful quotes and paintings of sports stars, movie and music celebrities and famous characters.

It recently hosted the finalists of the VIMA Model Awards 2016 to a special lunch.


Also do check out the funny and twisted take on superheroes via their pre-launch promos.

All 7 parts about The Adventures of Kelawarman and The Narayana Tea Stall case can be found here 

Currently the restaurant has many signature dishes that are in demand such as their breakfast sets, mutton curry, chicken varuvel, Briyani sets, thali lunch and of course, the Narayana Tea!

Narayana Tea Stall is open every day from 9am to 9pm. It’s closed on every Wednesdays.

The address : No.201, Jalan S2 B14, Uptown Avenue, Seremban 2, Seremban.

Tel : 06-6030831  (


DJ Sally (left) and DJ LUQE (right) visited Narayana Tea Stall and gave the food a thumbs up! 

Thanks to Narayana Tea Stall for the Privilege Card, and now every time we go there we have a discount. You can ask staff how to get the card. As well, they have variety of the finest Indian cuisine, delicious meals that really made our Saturday. Make sure to dine in there when you are around the area.” – DJ Sally (Uzbekistan) and DJ LUQE.

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