Samira Wins The Esprit Award for Round 4 of VIMA Model Awards


The winner of the VIMA MODEL AWARDS ROUND 4, The Esprit Award (Lively Intelligence) was awarded to SAMIRA of Iran!

Samira came up trumps among the 10 models who participated in the 4th Round which was hosted and sponsored by Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside on June 4th 2016 . Her vivacious wit and constant creativity that began to exude even from the 3rd round finally shone through.

Second place went to Elyssa Angelica Choy and third place went to Ashanti Alan.

Samira will receive a special crystal award with a certificate at the upcoming VIMA MUSIC & MODEL AWARDS night, while Elyssa and Ashanti will both receive a special certificate.


The 4th round, which consisted of 3 main activities, were led by the founders/organisers of VIMA MODEL AWARDS.

Activity 1: Brain Teasers and Trivia (a 30 minute test led by Siva Zaphod Chandran)

Activity 2: Debate and Discussion ( a 2 hour segment where contestants were given only 30 minutes to form their opinion and views based on a random question picked. This activity was led by MV Rekha Menon)

Activity 3: Model Workshop ( a fun 3 hour workshop led by Nancy, who engaged the girls in catwalk, mix n match dressing, make up tips and a modelling overview)

The other models who participated in the 4th round were : Anika (Russia), Sandra Lee, Joanna Joseph, Salikhova Asal (Uzbekistan), Sofia, Jess Rooproy and Mary from the Philippines.

All photographs Courtesy of Sanjay Signature and Chandra Segaran.