Mr Roberts Ejubs, General Manager of Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside with MV Rekha Menon, Co-Founder of VIMA Model Awards

Pullman Putrajaya have agreed to become the venue host of the final exciting round of the VIMA MODEL AWARDS as well as to explore working ties over the next few years which includes becoming an avenue for musicians, fashion shows, exciting entertainment & lifestyle festivals and much more.
After a discussion with co-founder of VIMA Model Awards, MV Rekha Menon and handshake to represent working ties , Roberts Ejubs, The General Manager of Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside shared the following:

“The entire Team at the Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside are delighted to host the final, exciting round of the VIMA model awards. These awards are all about celebrating the life of each truly independent model and their own unique culture, personality and outlook on life.The VIMA awards celebrate and empower each model and this is what is so exciting the VIMA awards. At the Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside we too celebrate and embrace each individual guest, and our team of highly skilled “connectors” are continually encouraged and coached in order to ensure they continue to further develop their own careers. ”


Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside,sprawled over four acres on the shores of the Putrajaya Lake, is the newest elegant addition to Putrajaya. It is considered the epitome of class and a heaven of sensory delights with one of the largest signature spa facilities in Malaysia.

Check out the amazing fun-filled corporate video of the Hotel:

Also check out their Magical Ramadhan Nights Video

(Magical Ramadhan Night festivities include stunning seafood stalls, an all you can eat durian stall, homemade turkish delight, a carvery of delicious meats, beautiful fresh garden salads and 20 others exciting food and beverage stands. In addition they are also delighted to offer 7 forms of live entertainment each evening including a traditional band, a duo of live entertainment, a magical clown as well as a breath taking fire eater. There will also be a stunning light display included in this one all inclusive price)

ROUND 4 of the awards platform will focus on evaluating and testing the 16 qualified contestants in the area of problem solving, discussions and dialogue as well as an assessment of the intellect. The single day event, to be held at Pullman Putrajaya on June 4th, will also incorporate a special modeling workshop led by Nancy, CEO of Empire Models Asia and co-founder of VIMA Model Awards.


Nancy, Co-Founder of VIMA Model Awards & CEO of EMpire Model Asia

Nancy shared:
“The 4th Round, is an exciting and interesting round where we will be having some fun time with catwalk, poses and makeup tips. We will be asking each and every contestant to share their way of experience in all those said techniques as well as ours. We will have a time frame also to test the girls on dressing up to fashion and applying makeup as well as posing up to the camera in within a very short time of frame. VIMA Model Awards is not only about pageant, but also how we mould and elevate these beautiful ladies to greater heights.”

VIMA Model Awards was conceived with the main objective of seeking individuals beyond just looks and glamour – models who are smart, fun loving, strong minded, independent and confident.



Each round provided the organizers an opportunity to evaluate and provide all forms of challenges and tests to assess the contestants from their looks, presentation and communication skills, talent and even unfolding sessions of their personalities and backgrounds.

“It’s been a long and amazing journey for many of the contestants, and it’s fantastic to see the friendship and camaraderie they have developed. Many even motivating each other and creating even career paths and opportunities for each of them to grow into the modeling industry.

This round, and the final test before the awards night, will allow us to draw valuable thoughts and opinions from the contestants on important topics and issues which will induce them to not only think but to formulate answers based on their intellect and experience. We are going to go from micro to macro and see how each of them fare, ultimately, choosing the best to make it to the awards night” shared MV Rekha Menon, co-founder of VIMA Model Awards.


“Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside – Our World is Your Playground!”





Striving to give guests the unique experience of Malaysia’s multicultural background, Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside was crafted in 4 wings with 281 impressive rooms, suites and apartments to depict architecture and ambiences that are distinctively ethnic Malay, Chinese, Indian and of the Borneo continent.

Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside offers an array of dining options with the B’s All Day Dining Restaurant, The Village Alfresco Dining Restaurant, The China Bar & Lounge for delicious snacks and refreshments as well as The Deli @ Pullman with freshly baked pastries. A heaven of sensory delights.

The Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside seeks to exceed the expectations of its discerning guests in comforts, commitments, connectivity and cohesion, with seamless technology and highly sophisticated business and ballroom facilities, which makes every event a success. There are 21 fully equipped meeting rooms and boardrooms plus a 250-seater lakefront open air amphitheatre, all of which are supported by impeccable service.

Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside offers exceptional facilities and recreational services to exceed all business and leisure needs.




Kuala Lumpur, 2nd May 2016

The Voice International Music Awards 2016 (VIMA MUSIC AWARDS 2016) have released the list of final nominees for the regional music awards platform.

Leading the way were Sekumpulan Orang Gila (SOG) with an incredible 11 nominations, followed by Roshan Jamrock who featured on 10 nominations, Rabbit Mac who featured on 9 nominations, GTXperiment with 8 nominations, bittymacbeth from Singapore and Kirstie Maximus, both raking up 7 nominations each.

It’s a massive list of nominees from Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. For the first time, we have expanded the nomination list to go beyond the norm, especially in the Best Rock Song and Best Genre-Bender categories. We received more than 1000 submissions and in the rock song category in itself we had more than 400 songs. So, we decided there were just too many songs that deserved its due recognition and decided to nominate them.

Once again, we have a whole set of exciting acts who continue to innovate music in ways we never thought possible, and VIMA has been the perfect platform for the most weirdest and most creative spectrum of styles over the years.

Next week, we will begin the voting process where almost every day we will put up one or two categories for voting over a period of 3 days and the public and fans will be invited to vote on the official VIMA MUSIC AWARDS Facebook page. 40% of the overall scores will come from public votes and 50% will be decided by our panel of global judges that include award winning producers, major label heads, celebrities, the media and even previous Grammy winners. That final 10% will be determined by the VIMA team, to evaluate how well each musicians promotes themselves actively during the voting phase. We have always encouraged musicians to be their own marketeers of their brand and this should spur them on to do more. ” shared Siva Zaphod Chandran, founder of VIMA MUSIC AWARDS and VIMA MODEL AWARDS.

Fans and the public are invited to join the official VIMA MUSIC AWARDS page for all the latest announcements, news, interviews, and to cast their votes.

VIMA MUSIC AWARDS : www.facebook.com/vimamusicawards

The award has become a benchmark for many awards platform across the globe and often acts as a launch pad for music acts tipped to be the next big thing. Some of the past winners include Yuna, Altimet, The Great Spy Experiment (Singapore), Joe Flizzow, Project E.A.R (Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia), Prema Yin, K-Town Clan, Ze Rebelle, Sasi The Don, Alex Subryn, An Honest Mistake, Inch Chua (Singapore), Feez Madea (Brunei), Electrico (Singapore), Pop Shuvit, Melissa Indot and many more.

The award platform is unique for allowing submissions from bedroom DJs, college acts, concert performances and even demo versions. It also champions singles rather than albums and recognizes songs of all languages in all genres including electronica,hip-hop,metal,pop,dance,rock and mash-ups/remixes.

Best Electronica/Dance Song

Wanted Symphony – In the eyes of the world
Tamara – When You Turn Me On
Santesh (feat Rabbit Mac & Punitha Raja) – Tangkap Basah
Morris Christopher – Again In Love
ZE Rebelle – Bintang
Arvinder Raina – 16 Van Saal
An Honest Mistake ft. Naufal & I-Sky – Let’s Battle It Out With Vesuvius The Great Remix
Manners Maketh Man feat Rozella – New World
Charlie Lim (Intriguant Remix) – Nothing More Cruel (Singapore)
ZE Rebelle (Dusaar Remix) – Broke

Best Pop/R&B Song

Love J Hail – Break it down
Wanted Symphony – More Than This
GTXperiment – High-Drated
Sam Seelan – Paradise
SOG (feat Annatasha Saifol) – Kau Sempurna
Haqym Mokhtar – Dinda (Singapore)
bittymacbeth -Californian Dreamin (Singapore)
Lyia Meta – She’s Searching
Angie Lym – Babylon
Stephanie Liu – Sha Gua
Goldkartz-Desi Patola
Take Two – In Your Arms (Singapore)
Jumero – Blind Love
AC Rick – Girl Its Real
Jonathan Meur – Toy Hearts
GinggyBoi ft Coruz Hooks & KTwo – Nee Soul
Adithya Srinivasan – Tu Hi Dilruba (Singapore)
Kirstie Maximus – Rockabye X
Perfect Scums – Turn Me Down (Brunei)
Akmal Eyzad – Langkahmu

Best Genre-Bender

bittymacbeth – Haters Gon’ Hate (Singapore)
GTXperiment – High-Drated
Alex Subryn feat BK- Mama
Sekumpulan Orang Gila – Hentikan
Zee Ng – For You
Nadir – Ikan Kekek
Santesh (feat Rabbit Mac & Punitha Raja) – Tangkap Basah
Roshan Jamrock feat Alex Subryn,Ramon (Blister), Precious Michael & Sho D Beat – The Boss
Roshan Jamrock & Adam Lobo (feat Dasha Logan) – C.O.A
Mutesite –Trails In Motion
Stephanie Liu – Cai
Jean Reiki – Iceland in my fridge (Singapore)
Take Two – Plantations (Singapore)
Sada Borneo – -Sada borneo
Love J Hail and Tropoly – Within it all
Alex Subryn – Jermz
Lawalah Familia(feat ALTBRG) – Tenang Wujudnya Esok
Salam – The Way You Fly (Mystic Remix)
Adithya Srinivasan – Tu Hi Dilruba (Singapore)
Kirstie Maximus – Alright X
Kirstie Maximus – Rockabye X
Perfect Scums – A million things (Brunei)
Dragon Red – Spectrum
Manners Maketh Man feat Rozella – New World
Rabbit Mac – Sempoi


Best Music Video
Wanted Symphony – More Than This
GTXperiment – High-Drated
Sam Seelan – Paradise
bittymacbeth – Haters Gon’ Hate (Singapore)
An Honest Mistake – Everything
Morris Christopher – Again In Love
Take Two – In Your Arms (Singapore)
Take Two – Always Been right here (Singapore)
Sada Borneo – -Sada borneo
Young Thousands – Nueva Vida ( Official Appreciation Video)
Klangkai (feat Rabbit Mac) – Sofia
Jonathan Meur – Toy Hearts (Singapore)
SALAMMUSIK – Terimakasih
Kirstie Maximus – Rockabye X
Akmal Eyzad – Langkahmu
Charlie Lim – I Only Tell The Truth (Singapore)

Best Hip-Hop Song

Kaydee (feat. Raj Pirate)- Brindhavanam
Deftman feat Roshan Jamrock – On The Way
Roshan Jamrock feat Alex Subryn,Ramon (Blister), Precious Michael & Sho D Beat – The Boss
Young Ruff feat Roshan Jamrock – Tamilan Anthem
Karmal (featuring Vandal & Songstress ) – Human
Skinny D featuring Jin Hackman-Turkish delight
Lawalah Familia- Ini Baru Lawa
Lawalah Familia – Generasi Genius
Lerad- Demons
Rabbit Mac – Sempoi
B- Heart – Murah
SALAMMUSIK – Terimakasih
Kirstie Maximus – Alright X
LA FEAT Shackifier- Memento
Lawalah Familia(feat Dment The Bat Cave) – Atas Langit Ada Langit
Aman RA -#Budak Flat


Best Rock Song

GTXperiment – Lost
GTXperiment – Kau Terus Menunggu
Sam Seelan – Unmeiyal Vesham
Fist of Pain – Seek Your Bliss
Flying Pan –Breakaway Carriage
Rendall Ngumbang – Whats Inside
SOG (feat Shana Razman)-Hantu
SOG – Misteri Bertari
Sekumpulan Orang Gila – Bahtera
Thirteen Hundred – Follow My Lead
Thirteen Hundred – Satu
Soul Statue – Ain’t Gonna Be The Same
Imans League – Destiny ( Spore)
Lyia Meta- Slumber
Mutesite –Picking paces
South and the lowlands – Sculptures
Nadir – Ikan Kekek
Lawrence Soosai – Jagat Naan Nalle Paiyen
Night Skies &Vision – Take a Chance
Alexandria – Affliction (Brunei)
Young Thousands – Nueva Vida
Dharanee – Natpin Chakkaram
Vivienne’s Verdict-Monster (Singapore)
Temjin – Raksaksa
Bear Culture – Valkyrie (Singapore)
Hydra – Kedamaian
Covalent – Sampi AKu
Red Panda Parade- Nebby
Keith Spinney – Sometimes
Perect Scums – It went On
An Honest Mistake (feat Daiyan Trisha) – You’re my everything
Dragon Red – Spectrum
Endleaves – Rain
Mystery Tapes – On A Mission
Mystical Mirage – You
Hard Candy – Are You Listening
Jason Thean – Melancholy
Kelvyn Yeang – Glory
Kelvyn Yeang – 31st December


Best Rock Vocalist

Lan (Hydra)
Adam Lobo (Dragon Red/Fist of Pain)
Sam Systematic Seelan
Lyia Meta
Alex Subryn
Jibrail (Rajhula)
Ariff “The Spoiler” Ismail (Thirteen Hundred)
Sanjay C Damien (Young Thousands)
Dezimon (Viviene’s Verdict) Singapore
Jared Lim (Jumero)
Khairul S (Temjin)
Lawrence Soosai

Haqym Mokhtar (Singapore)
Take Two (Singapore)
Lyia Meta
Kirstie Maximus
Viviene’s Verdict (Singapore)
Perfect Scums (Brunei)
Havoc Brothers
Adam Lobo
Roshan Jamrock
Rabbit Mac
Kelvyn Yeang
Adithya Srinivasan
Thirteen Hundred
An Honest Mistake

Best College/Uni Act
Zee Ng
MUGI (Zambia)
Sada Borneo – -Sada borneo
Eloise Lau
Akmal Eyzad
Perfect Scums (Brunei)
LA (UAE/Sudan)
Night Sky & Visions

Best Collaboration

GTXperiment – High-Drated with Ashley
Breakaway Carriage by Flying Pan ft. Reona Nishiyama
Alex Subryn feat BK – Mama
SOG (feat Shana Razman)-Hantu
SOG (feat Annatasha Saifol) – Kau Sempurna
Phizz  (Feat KIRA, M.I.I.K.O & Haqym Mokhtar)-  Underrated (Singapore)
Haqym Mokhtar – Hang Up (Feat Hakeemok & Q-Dot) Singapore
Kaydee (feat. Raj Pirate)- Brindhavanam
Santesh (feat Rabbit Mac & Punitha Raja) – Tangkap Basah
Roshan Jamrock feat Alex Subryn,Ramon (Blister), Precious Michael & Sho D Beat – The Boss
Roshan Jamrock & Adam Lobo (feat Dasha Logan) – C.O.A
Young Ruff feat Roshan Jamrock – Tamilan Anthem
H2O Macho Macha, J. Lyan, H2O Vincent feat. Rudy –Money
Tiban, Hashmitha Selvam, Parasu Kalyan, Gayathri Vadivel, MK, Suthakaran Pannirselvam, Deepesh Krishamoorthy, Aanantha, Kesvini, Sangeetha, Thiepaan Raaj, &Havoc Mathan- Pesamal
Angie Lym & Stefanie Liu -醉在你的爱
Karmal (featuring Vandal & Songstress ) – Human
Lawalah Familia- Ini Baru Lawa
Teejay & Rabbit Mac – Lost In Maze
An Honest Mistake (feat Daiyan Trisha) – You’re my everything
Alphabetical Theory (feat Syaza Sofea) – I’ll be there tonight to save you
An Honest Mistake with Daiyan Trisha, Nick Davis, Raja Nazrin from SOG, Diandra Arjunaidi, Jon Liddell, So I’m Jenn, Roshan Jamrock of K-Town Clan, Shawn Lee & Julz Savard from Save Me Hollywood (PH)- All I Want For Christmas Is You (Mariah Carey Cover)


Sunshiny-Smiley Feelgood song
GTXperiment – Off The Ledge
SOG (feat Annatasha Saifol) – Kau Sempurna
Haqym Mokhtar(Feat Yaya Hamid) – Semuanya Alright (Singapore)
bittymacbeth – Vandal Miss Joaquim (Singapore)
syafiq yusfaza – tak pernah lupa
Pheelers – Timang Tinggi Tinggi
Angie Lym & Stefanie Liu -醉在你的爱
Temjin – Gua Suka Lu
Hard Candy – Are You Listening
SALAMMUSIK – Terima Kasih


Gentle Bones
Charlie Lim
Vivienne’s Verdict
Adithya Srinivasan
Haqym Mokhtar
Take Two
Jean Reiki

Best Indian/Punjabi Song

Havoc Brothers (feat Sheezay) – Mooteh
Sam Seelan – Unmeiyal Vesham
Alex Subryn feat BK – Mama
Jay : Tribute to the fallen MH370 & MH17
Jay (feat Thiaga Raja & Suguna Kris) – Kettimealum Kalyanam
Kaydee – Brindhavanam (feat. Raj Pirate)
Santesh (feat Rabbit Mac & Punitha Raja) – Tangkap Basah
Raj Pirate , Havoc Mathan & Shantra Brown – En Chellame
Rajhula – En Thevi
Tiban feat Nidhin Lal & Swathi Ravichandran – Bhairavi
Goldkartz-Desi Patola
Lawrence Soosai – Jagat Naan Nalle Paiyen
Suraj Vahn – Tu Sadi
Havoc Brothers – Paapa
Dharanee – Natpin Chakkaram
Shazz (NSR) FEAT R Shap – Kaalam
GinggyBoi ft Coruz Hooks & KTwo – Nee Soul
Adithya Srinivasan – Tu Hi Dilruba (Singapore)
Adithya Srinivasan – Devanke (Singapore)
Young Ruff feat Roshan Jamrock- Tamilan Anthem
Ravinder Bhinder -Grarri (Singapore)


Best Guitar Goreng Riff

Fist of Pain – Seek Your Bliss
SOG (feat Shana Razman)-Hantu
SOG – Saudara, Sahabat
Soul Statue – Ain’t Gonna Be The Same
Kelvyn Yeang –Bunnies at the carnival
Kelvyn Yeang – 31st December
Lyia Meta – Slumber
Rajhula – Ponggatre
Lawrence Soosai – Jagat Naan Nalle Paiyen
Temjin – Raksaksa
Bear Culture – Premonition
Red Panda Parade- Nebby
Jason Thean – Melancholy
Dragon Red – Spectrum
Hard Candy – Are You Listening

Best Overall Female Act

Love J Hail
Beth (Singapore)
Lyia Meta
Angie Lym
Kirstie Maximus
ZE Rebelle




Official voting will be done at the Official VIMA MUSIC AWARDS Facebook Page.
Please visit http://www.facebook.com/vimamusicawards to vote.

1 “Like” equals 1 vote.

This page serves only to showcase the songs and music videos of the nominees and is NOT for voting purpose.

40% of the overall scores will be gathered from the number of votes (likes) on the VIMA MUSIC AWARDS Facebook page. 50% more of the overall scores will be from Global judges and 10% will come from social media engagement and promos by the nominees.



(Universiti Sains Malaysia)

Live performance (in Asia’s Got Talent): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tih1MHKvHNY

(IUMW – International University of Malaya-Wales)

Manipal International University

Islamic University Malaysia IIUM

University Brunei Darussalam (UBD)


Taylor’s University

Sunway University

WILL BAKER : Multi-Platinum Grammy Award nominated Producer/Songwriter Joins VIMA as Judge.

Willie “Bum Bum” Baker is a Multi-Platinum Grammy Award nominated Producer/Songwriter/Entrepreneur.

With a Billboard Hot 100 #1 single “Lately” for 9 weeks and several charting songs, Willie was named by Billboard as one of rock era’s best songwriters.

He has written for and produced acts: Boyz II Men, India Arie, P!NK, Blaque, Divine, Destiny Child, Keri Hilson and Menudo. L.A. Reid (Sony/Epic) signed Willie as a songwriter in 1997 to 2005.

He then went on to run HENDU/Universal Records as an A&R, and VP of Op./Publishing, Marketing as well as secured management by Johnny Wright (Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, Britney Spears, Jonas Brothers. Willie has scored several feature films and television programs (The Way Back Home, Fantastic Four, Beverly Hills Chihuahua, We Were Soldiers and Elektra).

It’s just fantastic that someone with Willie’s expertise has come forth to help lend his wealth of music wisdom to our awards platform. We are looking forward to working closely with Willie on his evaluation of the region’s top music acts and his feedback on how we can elevate the scene” shared Siva Zaphod Chandran , founder of VIMA MUSIC AWARDS.

VIMA MUSIC AWARDS 2016 is open for submission to musicians from Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei and the closing date is March 31st, 2016.

In addition to his work in the music industry, Willie’s talents doesn’t end there. He has produced content for TV network MTV. Willie Baker has signed a contract to create virtual reality shows and content with Next Galaxy Media Corporation as well as join the team of techs in creating NGMCs CEEK platform virtual headphones.


Willie is co-owner of new record label Delab Music which has signed newcomers Maeta Hall and D Kullus

Willie also speaks at events to educate corporate structures and colleges on the elements of the Music Business such as: how to effectively secure, maintain and stay competitive in the Entertainment Industry.


– Named #83 by Billboard as one of rock eras best songwriters
– NARAS/LARAS voting member/Board Member for Florida Chapter
– Television Soundtracks (Disney, Nickelodean, Universal, Fox)
– Produced television content for various networks
– Developed and discovered many recording artist, put on showcases for Major Label Execs.