Port Dickson, Malaysia 25th April 2016

Sophie (Sofia Sanford), was announced as the winner of the Fioris Award (Best Communicator & Presenter) of the VIMA MODEL AWARDS .

The subsidiary title was the main highlight of the round 3 of the VIMA MODEL AWARDS which was hosted and sponsored by Glory Beach Resort Port Dickson from 23rd to 24th April.


“Round 3 was all about Communication, Presentation, Creativity and Teamwork. We had 3 activities in this round.

The presentations in Activity 1 and Activity 3 gave the contestants an opportunity to express themselves and also overcome the fear of facing an audience during a presentation. Activity 1 was a group task whereas Activity 3 was an individual task where contestants spoke about topics close to their heart. There was also an opportunity for contestants to show off their talents in Activity 2 during the Talent Night in the most creative ways.

Throughout Round 3 we were also looking at how contestants were able to engage their audience. This round was very challenging because it required a lot of thinking and planning and the need to present a task within a given time. However, in spite of the hectic schedule and the demanding criteria for each activity, the contestants developed a very close bond among themselves which created a lot of fun moments. On the whole, the weekend turned into an unforgettable experience for all.


MV Rekha Menon (Co-Founder VIMA Model Awards)

Next, 12 contestants will be moving on to Round 4 which will test the contestants’ intellectual and problem solving skills.” shared MV Rekha Menon, co-founder of VIMA Model Awards.

Sophie, 23, a freelance artist, will be presented with a VIMA crystal award and special certificate at the upcoming VIMA MUSIC & MODEL AWARDS to be held in the 3rd week of July, 2016.

The Top 5 contestants of Round 3 were:

  1. Sophie (Malaysia) – Crystal award and cert.
  2. Mandana (Iran) – Crystal awards and cert.
  3. Elyssa Choy (Malaysia) – cert
  4. Joanna Joseph (Malaysia) – cert
  5. Anika (Russia) – cert


The award name, Fioris was conceived out of a combination of the Italian word fiore which stands for flower and  Iris the Greek Goddess that was represented as a rainbow, a beautiful young maiden with wings and is associated with communication and as a messenger of the gods. The other titles of the subsidiary awards include Vox Populi  (People’s Choice Awards) which was won by Mary from the Philippines in Round 2, and The Visage Award (Face of The Year) won by Pema Tshoki from Bhutan.


Some of the highlights of round 3 included the baby turtles that were released into the sea from the Turtles hatchery at Glory Beach Resort, as well as a power-packed talent night event. The Talent night saw many contestants sing and dance, as well as unique talent performances that included belly dancing (Mandana), an abstract painting created in under 4 minutes (Sophie), a dress re-designed on stage on a “live” mannequin (Samira), and a Justin Bieber impersonation complete with song (Joanna Joseph).


The contestants also shared their own life stories and offered advice and comfort in a closed door “no holds barred” opening up session that brought them closer together as a form of their own sisterhood.



VIMA Model Awards was conceived with the main objective of seeking individuals beyond just looks and glamour – models who are smart, fun loving, strong minded, independent and confident.

VIMA Model Awards is also being positioned as a unique and rule-bending platform in the modeling and fashion industry whereby the participation criteria is as such:

  1. The awards is open to contestants of any height
  2. The awards does not discriminate with regards to race or skin colour
  • Contestants need not have had any prior modeling experience
  1. Two age groups : 18-29 years old & 30-40 years old
  2. Contestants with piercings and tattoos are allowed to participate
  3. International models based in Malaysia for studies or work are eligible to join.



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